Modern History

  • Enclosure of land increases in Britian

  • Period: to 198

    Modern History

    Modern history 1750-1918
  • James Hargreaves invents the spinning Jenny

  • 1765

    Invention of the Steam engine
  • Water frame

    Water frame
    Richard Arkwright invented the water frame to produce strong yarn in Cromford, Derbyshire
  • Richard Arkwright opens first factory

  • Declaration of independence (USA)

  • James Watt invents a steam engine to power machines in factories

  • Edward Jenner develops smallpox vaccination

  • British government bans slave trade

  • George Stephenson develops the rocket steam locomotive

  • Slavery Abolition act

  • Factory act

  • Brunel's SS Great Western., the first transatlantic steam ship

  • The Communist Manifesto is published

  • Eight hours Movement

  • Henry Bessemer develops process to mass produce steel

  • Overland telegraph links Australia

  • Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone

  • Karl Benz produces the first Automoblie

  • The Wright brothers make first powered flight

  • Pre WW1 in Australia

    Australia's 1911 Census recorded the population as 4,455,005 with the median age of 24 years old.
  • the assignation of Franz Ferdinand of Hungary by a Serbian man

  • Reasons for men's enlistment to go to war

    needed regular pay.
    sought combat or adventure.
    wanted to escape from normal life.
    wanted to do their duty for the British Empire.
  • Number of men that went to war

    416,809 Australians
  • Australia's conscription

    the Prime Minister Billy Hughes tried to create a conscription to send men to the first world war forcedly. two conscription referenda were held in 1916 and 1917
  • End of WW1