Timeline- Alex Otter Statement

  • Tapped

    Dana, Mandy, and Alex were tapped.
  • Moved in.

    The pledges moved in.
  • 2nd Challenge

    Harlem Shake
  • File

    Mandy found the file of Harper's essay.
  • Confrontation

    Mandy told Harper about the file.
  • Bed bugs

    Harper put the bed bugs in Mandy's bed.
  • Emails

    The email Harper sent to Mandy.
  • Cinnamon Challenge.

    Cinnamon Challenge and that made Mandy go to the hospital.
  • Mandy Research

    Mandy was reading the ZIP's affirmative statement against pledge hazing on the national website.
  • Mandy is dead

    Mandy dies while planking.