Mock Trial 2011-2012 Timeline

  • Period: to

    (see details) Nelly Works as a Bike Messenger; Urban Bike Subculture phenomenon

    Ignore specific dates. Nelly Works as a Bike Messenger. Same time as urban bike subculture phenomenon in cities like LA and Chicago. Nelly Bales describes this time as simply 'the late 1990s.'
  • (see details) Jari opens up his agency

    Ignore specific date. Date simply given as October 2003 in the statement of Jari Van Allen.
  • (see details) Nelly Bales convicted of two felonies

    Ignore specific date. Date is simply given as '2005' in Nelly Bales' witness statement.
  • (see details) Art Hallam dies in Tour da Chicago

    Date referenced as summer of 2008 in Nelly Bale's testimony.
  • (see details) Millie leaves Chicago

    Ignore specific date. Nelly Bales says Millie left town "sometime in 2008"
  • (see details) Locksley Hall loses election

    Ignore specific date. Date is given as simply '2008' in Locksley Hall's testimony.
  • (see details) Millie joins biking club

    Ignore specific date. Devon Bideford says that Millie joined his biking club in early 2009.
  • Jari meets with Telemeka and Millie

    According to Telemeka, meeting was scheduled for 9 AM, and Jari was in a hurry for a 10 AM tee-off
  • (see details) Millie teaches bike safety class

    Ignore specific date. Devon Bideford references this simply as "in June." It is inferred that this was June of 2009, as Devon met Millie in early 2009, and Millie died in August 2009.
  • Period: to

    (see details) Millie talks to radical bicyclists

    Ignore specific dates. During the summer of 2009, Devon Bideford noticed Millie talking to radical bicyclists a couple of times downtown.
  • Millie Dies

    -Jari mentions date
    -Locksley Hall agrees with date, does not give a time of death.
    -Dray Porter agrees with date, says he heard a woman scream at about 6 PM
    -Scarlotti agrees with date, says he was closing up at a little before 6 PM when he looked to the road and saw Hall's car veering dangerously close to Millie.
    - Pictures of Hall's Escalade that are referenced in Cass Testerman's witness statement were taken in August of 2009, presumably right after the accident.
  • Millie has dinner date with Telemeka for 6 PM

    Restaurant was about 3/4 of a mile east from where the accident took place.
  • Period: to

    (see details) Evening Star continues to collect...

    Evening Star continues to collect monthly premiums for four months after Millie has died, Telemeka claims. Telemeka also says that Jari was aware of Millie's death during this time.
  • Telemeka Files claim

    -Jari claims that at the end of 2009, Telemeka called demanding a million dollars.
    -Telemeka says that she was reminded of the policy at the end of 2009, filed claim.
    -Legal Complaint sets date as 30 December, 2009
  • (see details) Cass Testerman contacted by Eagle Insurance

    Ignore specific date. Testerman testifies that he was contacted by Eagle Insurance in 'January of 2010'
  • Dray Porter will quit UPS, join religious commune

  • (see details) Evening Star sues Ithacus Solutions, Inc.

    Ignore specific date. Date is given in Telemeka's testimony as simply 'Summer of 2010'