MIT SAIL Lab Timeline

  • Start of computing research at MIT

    Vannevar Bush started researching differential analyzers.
  • AI Project Started

  • James Slagle Made SAINT

    SAINT could solve basic integrations and was the first lisp program.
  • TECO was created

    TECO is a text editor made at MIT by Greenblat and Murphy
  • CSAIL Formed

    Alongside Project MAC, the AI lab along with the LCS were married together to horm CSAIL
  • LCS Formed

    LCS The Laboratory for Computer Science was formed alongside the MAC project, and joined the AI lab in forming CSAIL to work ont he MAC project
  • Project MAC Launched

    Project on mathematics and computation.
  • Vision Project

    Cameras were connected to computers to attempt AI vision projects, but it was discovered that machine/computer vision was a very thing to do.
  • ELIZA was created

    ELIZA was a pattern-matching program that could hold conversations.
  • Symore Papert invents LOGO

    LOGO was an easy to understand and use programming language
  • MIT AI Lab Formed

    The MIT AI Lab was formed to gain more space, as project MAC was deemed to small to be given more space.
  • MIT AI Project Splits off from project MAC

  • Many of the tool builders leave the MIT labs to find jobs at other companies

  • MOBOT Lab Formed

  • MIT Media Lab Formed