Mind Games ~ Kiersten White

  • Parents Die

    Parents Die
    The main character Fia, and her blind sister Annie's parents die in a car accident. Annie found out she could see visions of the future when she saw the car accident as a vision before it happened.
  • Sent to Mysterious School

    Sent to Mysterious School
    Fia and Annie go to live with their aunt for a while. A school became interested in Annie's ability. They promised Annie to restore her eyesight. Fia does not think going to this school is a good choice but gives in because she loves her sister and will do anything for her.
  • Psychic Abilities

    Psychic Abilities
    Not only does Annie have a psychic ability, but Fia also does. She was born with perfect instincts, so her gut feeling is always right. The school isn't what the girls thought it was. It becomes very interested with Fia's ability and uses her for corperate espionage and sometimes murder.
  • Fia

    Fia doesn't like to cooperate with this school that trains girls with psychic abilities. To force her to do the things they want, the school uses Annie as a hostage to threaten Fia. If Fia didn't do what the school wanted, then they would kill Annie. Fia would never let that happen.
  • Brutal Training

    Brutal Training
    Fia is burtally trained. She is always bruised and cut. Annie can't see it, but she feels it on her arms sometimes. Annie worries about her sister and doesn't want her hurt. Fia will do anything to protect her sister, though. They both dream of running away from that school and being free, but they both know they will never be able to be free.
  • Hitlist

    Fia is ordered to kill a guy named Adam. She goes to the place where she is supposed to and sees him petting a lost dog. He looks too nice and sweet for her to kill him. She ends up not killing him and keeping him safe.
  • Kidnapped

    Fia loves to dance. One night, she decides to go dancing, even though Annie had a vision and knew it wasn't the best thing to do. She ends up getting kidnapped and taken somewhere. All the time, she wasn't scared for her safety, but for Annie's. If Fia was gone, then Annie wasn't safe.
  • Friends, Not Foes

    Friends, Not Foes
    Fia finds out that the people that had kidnapped her were actually trying to help her and use her in a good way. They wanted to help the other girls in the school and turn the school around. Fia still doesn't want to be a part of it, but just wants to get away from it all.
  • Fia's Plan

    Fia's Plan
    Fia decides she wants to break away from this group. She calls a guy from the school and tells him to bring Annie to a certain spot at a certain time, otherwise he will never see her again. Annie had seen a vison that Fia was going to kill her, but she wanted her sister to be happy, even if it meant her dying.
  • Goodbyes

    Fia meets Annie and tells her goodbye and that she loves her. Fia then takes a knife out. However, she only pretends to stab Annie. In the process, Fia hands Annie a phone and tells her to act dead. This allows both Fia and Annie to get away from the school and be a little safer, even though they won't be together. The school will always be looking for Fia, but as long as Annie doesn't "exist," then the school doesn't have much to blackmail her with.
  • Annie

    A guy from the good group that had kidnapped Fia ended up picking up Annie and taking her with him. She thought they would know where Fia was going and what she planned to do, but nobody knew anything. Fia never planned anything in advance otherwise people would read her thoughts and know. So for now, they all had no clue what the unpredictable Fia would do or when they would ever see her again.