Microwave by Noa Drochak

  • The Invention of the Microwave

    The Invention of the Microwave
    The Microwave was invented during World War 2. Originaly, it was used to spot Nazi airplanes that are going to bomb the British Isles. The microwave was invented by two British scientists.
  • The idea

    The idea
    Percy LeBaron Spencer of the Raytheon Company accidently discovered that the microwaves can cook foods faster than regular ovens. He was standing too close to the tube that created microwaves and it melted the candy bar in his pocket!
  • The Expirement

    The Expirement
    Spencer decided to expirement using the microwaves. He put some popcorn kernals next to it and in matter of minutes, the corn started popping! He also tried it with an egg and it exploded!
  • The Microwave

    The Microwave
    The first microwave weighed approximately 750 pounds and 6 feet in height.It was very expensive and only wealthy restaurants used it. Peple didn't think they needed a microwaves when they alredy have an oven.
  • The First Microwave

    The First Microwave
    The first microwave oven, the 1161 Radarange, was marketed.
  • Use Microwaves at Home

    Use Microwaves at Home
    A division of Raytheon introduced the domestic microwave oven to be used at home. At first buisness was slow because it was so expensive. But the concept of hot, quick, food was irresistable.
  • Popular Kitchen Appliance

    Popular Kitchen Appliance
    By 1976 the microwave oven had more owners han the dishwasher! The microwave was popular because it was small and was not used just for food. It was used to dry leather, and other things.
  • Today

    Micowave ovens are one of the most common appliances in a household. People might even be shocked to see that someone does not have a microwave. It is hard to believe that microwaves were invented on acciddent.