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  • The first microphone

    The first microphone
    The first carbon microphone was developed by Emile Berliner and Thomas Edison in the US.
  • The condenser microphone

    The condenser microphone
    The first condenser microphone was invented by Edward Christopher Wente
  • The ribbon microphone

    The ribbon microphone
    The first ribbon microphone was invented by Harry F. Olson
  • The first wireless microphone

    The first wireless microphone
    The wireless microphone was invented by Raymond A. Litke. It was designed for multimedia applications including television, radio, and higher education.
  • The first clip-on microphones

    The first clip-on microphones
    Sennheiser developed the first clip-on microphones: one that was a directional mic and one that was designed for the studio. These microphones are still popular today.
  • The MEMS microphones

    The MEMS microphones
    MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) microphones begin making inroads in portable devices including cell phones, headsets, and laptops.