Michael's Historicle Developement Of Canada

  • May 21, 1543

    Canada 1543-1700

    1543 - Jacques Cartier claimed the territory for the king france.
    1604 - Samuel De Champlain arrived and stayed.
    He established control of the territory around Quebec.
    1760 - Montreal came under british control.
    1774 - the Quebec Act restored French civil law, while maintaning British criminal law and guarenteeing religious freedom for Roman Catholics.
  • Canada 1775

    1763 - Ottowa warrior, Pontiac, led a group of warriors and raided interior trading posts in a desperat bid to hold back European Expansion.
    1783 - The American Revolution ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1783 which established the border between Canada and the United States.
  • Canada 1791

    1798 - colony of St.John's island renamed to Prince Edward Island.
    1809 - labrador coast annexed to Newfoundland.
    1818 - boundry between Canada and the United States established at 49th parellel from Lake of the Woods to the rockies; Oregon Territory created, to be jointly administered by Britain and the U.S.
    1820 - Colony of Cape Breton annexed to Nove Scotia.
    1825 - Treaty between Britain and Russia defines border between Alaska and British North America.
  • Canada - 1825

    After the war of 1812, immigratioin to British North America led to a more diversified economy, with lumbering, farming and shipbuilding growing in both the maritimesand in the canadas.
    1840 - the Province of Canada is created by uniting Upper Canada and Lower Canada (which are renamed Canada West and canada East).
    1849 border along th 49th parallel is extendedto the pacific ocean and the colony of Vancouver Island is established.
  • Canada 1849

    1849 - Border between Canada and U.S., which ran along the 49th Parallel, was extended to the Pacific.
    1857 - British established the mainland colony of British Colubia. 1859 - British jurisdiction established over "North West Territory".
    1862 - Stickeen Territoroy created
  • Canada 1862

    1869's Colonists in British North America became concerned the the US would try to take over all of North America. Fears were worsened because the British has supported the Southern confederacy in the US civil war.
    1863 British Colubia expanded to present-day bounderies (excluding Vancouver Island).
    1867 Confederation:The Dominion of Canada is created by the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Canada, Canada east & Canada West are renamed Quebec & Ontario-a total of four provinces.
  • Canada 1867

    1869 Canadas First Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald, purchased Rupert Land from the Hudson Bay Company
    1871 British Columbia agreed to join Canada after the federal government promised a transcontinental railroad to make trade easier with the east.
    1870 Manitoba established as the fifth Canadian Province.
    1871 British Columbia is added to Canada.
    1873 - PEI became the 7th province of Confederation after the federal government promised to take ove the debt of building a rail road.
  • Cnada 1873

    1873 Prime Minister MacDonald ctreates the North West Mounted Police to act as law enforcement for the North-West Territories.
    1876 inter continental which joined Ontario and Quebec to the maritimes was completed, A new administrative region, the District of Keewatin is formed from part of North-West Territories.
    1880 Arctic Islands are transferred to Canada as part of the North-West Territories.
    1881 Manitoba's bounderies are extented East, but this is disputed by Ontario.
  • Canada 1882

    1885 the Candian Pacific Railway was Completed.
    The manitoba governement had replaced the duel Catholic and Protetant system with a single Protestant system which was totally against the agreement of 1870.
    this beacome known as the manitoba School Question and together with the executionof Louis Riel, angered Canada's French population in Manitoba and in Quebec.
    1883 manitoba-Ontario boundary dispute is settled.
    1889 Ontario's boundary in extended north to west.
  • Canada 1895

    1896 Wilfred Laurier was voted Prime Minister and came up with a solution to the Manitioba SchoolsQuestion.
    1901 the first transatlantic radio signal was recieved in St, John's, Newfoundland.
    1897 Several district boundaries are slightly changed.
    1898 Yukon District becomes a seperate territory.
    1903 Canada loses the Alaska boundary Dispute.
    1905 District of keewatin restored to the renamed "NorthWest territories" and Alberta and Saskatchewan became the 8th and 9th provinces.
  • Canada 1905

    Between 1901 and 1911, Canada's population increased from 5,373,315 to 7,206,643.
    19907 National Council of Woman of Canada wanted 'equal pay for equal work'.
    Tension arose Between Canada and Britain, after Britain sided with the U.S. in a 1903 dispeute over the Canada-Alaska border.
    1912 Manito, Ontario and Quebec expand northward. the colany of Newfoundland disputes Quebec's eastern boundary.
  • Canada 1912

    1918 25,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders were killed in the Battle if Somme.
    1918 Canadian parliament buildings were desroyed in a fire.
    1920 the league of Nations was formed with Canada as a member.
    1920 the North-West Mounted Police became the Royal Canadian mounted Police.
    1925 Canadian boundairies are extended to the North Pole.
    1972 Quebec-Newfoundland (Labrador) borders is established by the British Privy Council.
  • Canada 1977

    1927 Old Age Pension Act was Introduced.
    1939 World War Two was declared.
    1940 Unemployment Insured was introduced.
    1945 War Ended.
    1949 Newfoundland became Canada's 10th Province.
    1949 Canadian supreme court became the final court of appeal taking over the role from the British Privy Council.1967 1967 Canada clebrated 100 years as a counrty.
    1967 the Army, Navy and Air Force are united under the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Canada 1999

    on April 1st, 1999, Canada added a new territoy called Nunavut. it makes up about 1/5 of canada with a population of approximately 27,000 roughly 85% are inuit.
    Hans Island an unpopulated isle roughlt the size of a football feild situated in the Kennedy Channel between Greenland & Ellesmere Island was recently the subjectof dispute between Denmark and Canada.
    Petroleum reserves under the Beufort Sea, located between Yukon & Alaska have also fueled a rivalry between Denmark and Canada.