Michael Coogan

  • Ford announces departure for Brookline

    Ford announces departure for Brookline
    Fire Chief Paul Ford accepts the fire chief’s position in Brookline, leaving the Fall River Fire Department after 28 years.
  • Period: to

    Michael Coogan, FRFD, from interim fire chief appointment to retirement.

  • Coogan made interim fire chief

    Coogan made interim fire chief
    Mayor Will Flanagan gives Lt. Michael Coogan a 90-day appointment as interim chief, increasing his salary from $79,000 to $145,000. A dozen chiefs and higher-ranking officers walk out of a meeting with Flanagan when served the news.
  • Ford leaves; Coogan begins

    Paul Ford’s last official day as chief, and Michael Coogan’s first day as interim chief.
  • Coogan goes on vacation

    Coogan goes on vacation
    Michael Coogan leaves the department for a week-long family vacation in Florida.
  • Coogan returns from vacation

    Coogan returns to work as chief.
  • Questions arise

    Questions arise
    The Herald News learns that Coogan was excused for union business from May 7 until Nov. 20. Later, Flanagan questions Coogan and Ford about documentation of that absence.
  • Coogan removed as interim fire chief

    City Administrator Shawn Cadime calls Coogan at fire headquarters to tell him he’s been removed as interim fire chief and placed on administrative leave.
  • Coogan hospitalized

    Coogan calls for an ambulance for treatment from his home in Assonet and is transported to Charlton Memorial Hospital.
  • Mayor promises investigation

    Mayor promises investigation
    Mayor Will Flanagan says he will launch an investigation with Corporate Counsel Steven Torres and Assistant Corporate Counsel Gary Howayeck.
  • Stress-related sick leave for Coogan

    Coogan is directed to come in for an interview with Howayeck. Coogan declines through his lawyer, submits a doctor’s note and goes out on stress-related sick leave. The excused sick leave status is later extended to March 9.
  • City warns Coogan

    The city sends Coogan a letter telling him to report to an independent doctor, chosen by the city, for a medical exam. Coogan is told that failing to show for the exam would mean he’d be ordered back to work.
  • Coogan reports for medical exam

    Coogan reports to the city’s doctor, in Attleboro, for an independent medical exam. The city extends his sick leave until April 27.
  • Coogan retires from FRFD

    Coogan retires from FRFD
    Coogan retires from the Fall River Fire Department, on the day his extended sick leave expires.