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  • Jan 1, 1441

    Rain Gauge

    Rain Gauge
    The first rain gauge was invented by Prince MonJong and King SeJong.

    The rain gauge can also be known as the udometer, pluviometer, or the ombrometer.
  • Jan 1, 1450


    The first aneomometer was a mechanical aneomometer invented by Leon Battista.
    An aneomometer measures wind speed.
  • Thermascope (Thermometer)

    Thermascope (Thermometer)
    The first type of thermometer invented. It took 20 minutes to calculate the temperature. It was invented by Galileo Galilei.
  • Barometer- The Mercurial Barometer

    Barometer- The Mercurial Barometer
    Also known as Torricelli's Tube. Invented by Evangelista Torricelli.
    This measures air pressure using mercury.
  • Rain Gauge (Self Emptying)

    Rain Gauge (Self Emptying)
    This is just a rain gauge that empties by itself, invented by Christopher Wren. (my dad has the one in the photo at home:)
  • Hydrometer

    This measures humidity. The first one invented was by Antoine Baume.
  • Weather baloon

    Weather baloon
    A weather baloon is able to check the temperature, pressure and humidity at a higher altitude. This was invented by Jean-Francois de Rozier.
  • Hydrometers (Hygrometer)

    Hydrometers (Hygrometer)
    This form of a hydrometer uses human hair and a needle to measure humidity. When human hair is wet, it gets longer. This is invented by Horace Benedict.
  • Doppler Radar

    Doppler Radar
    A doppler radar sends out electromagnetic waves to detect stuff like precipitation and hail. This was invented by Christian A. Doppler.
  • Barometer (Aneroid barometer)

    Barometer (Aneroid barometer)
    The Aneroid Barometer "registers the change in the shape of an evacuated metal cell to measure variations on the atmospheric pressure". This type of Barometer was invented by Lucien Vidie.
  • Lightning Detector

    Lightning Detector
    Invented by Alexander Stephanovich Popov to detect lightning coming from a thunderstorm.
  • Ceilometer

    A ceilometer measures cloud height. It was invented by Ty Beck.
  • Harold Taft

    Harold Taft
    AKA "The World's Greatest Weatherman" and "The Dean of TV Meteorologists", was the first television meteorologist. He continued to broadcast even during his last year alive when he had cancer.
  • Weather Satallites

    Weather Satallites
    The first SUCCESSFUL weather satalite was TRIOS1 invented by a group of NASA scientists.
  • Visibility Sensor

    Visibility Sensor
    This helps know the visibility for stuff like pilots and drivers. This was invented by Satt Elektronik Ab.
  • Sonic Anemometer

    Sonic Anemometer
    Invented by Dr.Andreas Pflitsch, this anemometer uses ultrasonic sound waves to measure wind velocity.