MerrickW's Mexican American war timeline

By MsOlson
  • Period: to

    The Mexican American War

  • Texas admited to the union

    Texas is admitted to the union of the United States
  • Us tries to buy land (Sidel and Polk)

    President Polk orders Sidel to travel to mexico city to attempt to buy California and new mexico
  • U.S. troops stationed at disputed border

    General Taylor Marches U.S. troops down to land claimed both by the U.S. and mexico (the Rio Grande)
  • U.S. declares war on Mexico

    Congres gives Polk $10,050,000 and permission to declare war on mexico
  • The battles of Palo Alto and Rescala de la Palma

    Taylor's Army is victorious as they push Arista's forces back across the Rio Grande
  • U.S. forces invade mexico city

    mexico surenders
  • treaty of Guatalupe Hidalgo

    Congress ratifies treaty to end the war