Memphis blues 1912

Memphis Blues

  • Period: to

    The Era of the Blues

    The exact dates are not known but the years it lasted are. It was a time where music really took off.
  • WC Handy

    WC Handy
    Handy wrote a song called "Mr. Crump" in 1909 but didn't get published until 1912 and the title was changed to "Memphis Blues".
  • Chicago and Delta Blues

    Chicago and Delta Blues
    The Chicago and Delta Blues were created when the African-American people migrated because of the "Jim Crow" laws (anti-black). Blues music evolved to show the circumstances.
  • Blues

    This year was the first recording of instrumental blues music
  • Blues, Blues, Blues

    In 1914 WC Handy publishes his song "The St. Louis Blues" and was a big hit this later on the waltz and the two-step where coming into play.
  • Beale Street/Memphis Blues

    Beale Street/Memphis Blues
    During the 1920s Beale Street was the center of Memphis Blues and became the lauching point for arpiring musicians. Beale Street became a showcase for "jug bands" whci hplayed a mixture of blues and rag.
  • More about Blues

    More about Blues
    By this time blues musicd had distingushing charateristics of harmonic structure and melodic shape.
  • T-Bone Walker

    T-Bone Walker
    He started experimenting with a prototyper of an electric guitar and was the first to play it to the public.
  • Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson
    "The King of Delta Blues". This man was extraodinary. He made his first recording in San Antonio, Texas and his last 2 were held in Dallas.
  • Period: to

    Jumpin' Blues

    Created in the 1940s was Jump Blues. It was a time of "get up off your feet and dance".
  • Where it Evolved

    Where it Evolved
    It evolved from bands like Lionel Hamptons band. It constisted of a medium tempo and a steady drive followed and a screaming tenor sax.
  • Technique

    This time is when they started using the 12-bar blues structure. A muc hore upbeat tempo is what the y called it.
  • Texas Blues

    Texas Blues
    This year is when they started futhering there advancement in Texas Blues. Had a stronger rhythm and a faster tempo.
  • Blues Rock

    Blues Rock
    This was directly influenced by the Delta and Chicago Blues. Basically they turned up the volume and beat of the music. Some bands that have this style are The Rolling Stones, The Doors, ZZ Top and a few others.