Melissa's TMTT timeline

  • sequence 1

    sequence 1
    Two children named Heinz and Benno are sent away because of the dangerous Nazis and Hitlers group.
  • sequence 2

    sequence 2
    Heinz and Benno try to escape Germany and failed the first time but succeeded the second time.
  • sequence 3

    sequence 3
    Heinz and Benno were sent to a boys place called Emmakinderhuis where they stayed for a couple weeks.
  • sequence 4

    sequence 4
    Heinz and Benno are now working and have figured out that their parents and their little brother Charlie are now dead. The Nazis got them and they died in a consentration camp and suffered.
  • sequence 5

    sequence 5
    Benno is older and he tells his daughters the story that his father told them when he was younger. He lives in Canada now.