Megan's Timeline

  • I was born

    I was born at 4:57Pm
  • Moved house

  • Started walking

  • Started dancing

    I started dancing when I was 4, at Dance Force
  • Grandad died

  • 5th birthday

    5th birthday
  • Lost first tooth

  • Started school

    Started school
  • Received first dance exam award

  • Moved to EPPS

    Moved to EPPS
    I moved to EPPS in year 3
  • Found cat (Kaos)

    Found cat (Kaos)
  • Cat (Magenta) died

    Cat (Magenta) died
    Magenta was 16 when she died. She di not die, she got pu down because she had a tumer in her stomach, slowly starving her
  • Found cat (Turtle)

    Found cat (Turtle)
  • Acheived a red belt

    Acheived a red belt
  • Acheived a green belt

    Acheived a green belt
  • Quit dancing

  • Started Martial Arts

    Started Martial Arts
    I learn Martial Arts at Budo Kan Australia
  • Started using nunchakus

    Started using nunchakus
    I now use wooden nunchakus
  • Got my iPod touch

  • Found cat (Cosmo)

  • Started year 7

  • Acheived a purple belt

    Acheived a purple belt