Megan Goodall

  • Parents got married

  • Big sister was born

  • I was born

  • Went to West VIrgina for the first time to meet my great grandma.

  • Started daycare at emmas monday-friday

    Met her grandson Zachary and became friends
  • First word "mama"

  • got my 1st ear lobe piercings

  • Was the little mermaid for halloween

  • Started ballet and tap class

    Met best friend Samantha
  • Little brother was born.

  • Started half day kidnergarten at bette perot

  • First Nutcracker recital

    I was age 5 and i was a cherib.
  • Started 1st grade at bette perot

  • Grew our own flower pots in class

  • Got first dog "paco"

  • Second Nutcracker recital

    i was six and i was a mouse.
  • First american girl doll

  • Paco died

    Got ran over by a car.
  • Started 2nd grade at Independance

  • Met my best friend Maddie

    We were in the same 2nd grade class and realized we lived on the same street
  • started 3rd grade at independance

    3rd elementary school
  • Got first cell phone

  • Horse back riding camp

  • Started 4th grade at caprock

    3rd elementary school
  • 3rd Nutcraker recital

    I was a Mother ginger
  • Grandfather passed

  • Started 5th grade at Intermediate school

  • Got Dirk and lucky

  • 4th nutcraker recital

    Was a soldier in the fight scene
  • Jonas brothers concert

  • Moved to Wisconsin from Texas

  • Started 6th grade

  • Got my cartalige and 2nd ear lobe piercings

  • Started 7th grade

  • Visited friends in texas for two weeks

  • Got first tortoise Drew

  • Started 8th grade

  • One Direction Concert

  • Start highschool as a freshman

  • Sohmore year

  • junior year

  • senior year

  • Graduate highschool

  • Go to college