Medieval and Renaissance

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  • 1300

    Major Historical and/or significant events 1

    When gunpowder was introduced, this meant that the age of Knighthood was ending
  • 1400

    Major Historical and/or significant events 2

    With the development of the compass, this made sea voyages possible and discover new lands for many land settlers.
  • 1430

    Defining Dates of the Renaissance

    The Renaissance rediscovery was philosophy, literature, art, science, and Region and defining date of this period, this era was the key points of Exploration, Scientific inquiry and Artistic awakening
  • 1435

    Primary Composers (Johannes Tinctoris)

    Tinctoris wrote about the contemporary music and also wrote the first dictionary of musical terms.
  • 1510

    Musical stylistic traits

    In the Medieval Mass, there were changes as Multi-voiced Polyphony, Imitation, Homophony, and clearer declamation.
  • 1525

    Genres commonly composed

    The Renaissance had different Genres
    Sacred: in the categories of Masses, Motets, and Separate.
    The others categories were the Secular, Chansons, Frottola, Italian Madrigal and the English Madrigal
  • 1526

    Primary Composers (Palestrina)

    The most known composers of the Renaissance was Palestrina, which include 105 masses, 68 offertories, 72 hymns, 11 litanies, etc.
  • Important musical inventions

    In this Era, the chant was more paraphrased and also added more extra notes and new rhythms were added. As such; more top voice were added as 5 to 8, instead of 4
    The instrument Lute was the new trend in playing along with the chorus.
  • Musical stylistic traits

    The Era of The Renaissance was the golden age of cappella singing, the music was more consonant compare to Ars Nova, and the Middle ages.