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Media change

  • Press on newspapers

    Press on newspapers
    They’d press down on a sheet of paper or something then it’d print out the news that they wrote out and label it on the paper for everyone to see.
  • Linotype Machine

    Linotype Machine
    This machine assembles matrices, which are molds for letter forms, in a line. This was used to hold the sentence in a line and flow together.
  • dignified newspaper

    This is a newspaper that helps everyone to have a chance to learn more about economy, politics and gossip and comics.
  • Radio news

    Radio news
    This is something very new and everyone would run to their radios to listen to the news as a family.
  • Roosevelt’s speech

    Roosevelt thought it’d be better for him to talk on the radio to share more things he is concerned about this news did not go over well with many people, this started some problems but was soon solved.
  • Tv become something

    TVs weren’t so popular until they came out with tv talk shows, this was something big. TVs coming out as they come up with TVs talk shows. These helped people around the world knowing and giving knowledge of what is going on around them.
  • AM and PM talks

    These talks were throughout the whole day so anyone could pop in anytime of the day to watch them talk about the news and what’s been going on around the world.
  • Talk shows

    This is around the time people started making tv shows and talk shows about the news we’re always seen especially around this time.
  • Printed media

    Anything was able to be printed for others to see or show. It helped them to print because they didn’t have much of many phones to take photos.
  • Billions of dollars

    Money kept getting made, more than anyone has seen just from printed media.