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measuring temperature

  • Galileo

    Galileo Galilei builds a device showing variation of hotness. The level of the water in the thermoscope changes with temperature changes.
  • Thermometer first mentioned

    The (French) word thermometer first appeared in La Récréation Mathématique by J. Leurechon, who describes one with a scale of 8 degrees
  • Jean Rey

    Jean Rey turned Galileo's thermometer upside down. So that water rose up the tube as the temperature increased.
  • Ferdinand II de Medici

    Ferdinand II de Medici
    Develops first modern-style sealed-glass thermometer with a bulb and a stem. Tubes are marked with a scale and are filled with alcohol. Sealed thermometers are not affected by atmospheric pressure and are more portable than earlier open devices.
  • Robert Fludd

    Robert Fludd
    Adds a scale to a thermoscope making a thermometer.
    (thermoscope - seeing temperature; themometer - measuring temperature)
  • Ole Roemer

    Ole Roemer
    Roemer made one of the first practical thermometers and came up with a scale with the freezing point of salty water at 0 degrees and boiling water at 60 degrees
  • Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

    Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
    Invents the mercury-in-glass thermometer
  • Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (again)

    Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (again)
    After visting Ole Roemer, Farenheit invents the temperature scale named after him that people will go on to use for hundreds of years. the scale is based on three fixed points the human mouth (96 degrees); the freezing point of water (32 degrees); mixture of ice, sea salt and water (0 degrees)
  • Anders Celsius

    Anders Celsius
    Created a new temperature scale based on 100 degrees at the freezing point of water and 0 degrees at the boiling point
  • Carl Linnaeus

    Carl Linnaeus
    Linnaeus was a very famous and influential scientist and he suggested turning around the scale developed by Celsius so that 0 degrees was the freezing point of water and 100 degrees the boilfng point (as we know it today).
  • Thomas Clifford Allbutt

    Thomas Clifford Allbutt
    Allbutt's invented a new type of thermometer used to take the temperature of people. Before Allbutt's clinical thermometer, patients had to hold a 30cm long thermometer in their hands which took about twenty minutes to work.
  • Henry Louis Le Chatelier

    Henry Louis Le Chatelier
    Chatelier invented the pyrometer that can measure the temperature of an object without touching it.