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Mean Girls (addicted to an alter ego?)

  • Cady Moves to the USA

    Cady Moves to the USA
    Cady Heron arrives to the USA as a naive girl who cares about school and her family.
    At this point she is completely uninvolved in the equivalent of the drug world (girl world).
  • Cady infiltrates The Plastics friend group

    Cady infiltrates The Plastics friend group
    I'm going to associate this with an introduction to "the drug world". Cady is introduced to something that is interesting, but knows is morally questionable. She is introduced to the plastic version of herself when Janis Ian convinces her to get revenge on Regina George.
  • Loses touch with reality

    Loses touch with reality
    Soon Cady starts distancing herself from real life. She opts to spend time doing some "major sabotage" and then it escalates to full on lying about indulging, abondoning her friends, and letting her grades slip. This is the equivalent of the Compulsive Dependency. She spends considerable amounts of time waiting for and thinking about spending time with the plastics and transforming herself.
  • Loses sight of the future

    Loses sight of the future
    By now she's an addict. She's an expert on navigating a world she used to be oblivious to.
    Cady begins to manipulate those around her. She exhibits behavior that is abnormal for her. Also, she begins to get comfortable as the top of the hierarchy without realizing that she has no future if she continues on this path. This is the peak of her addiction. All that matters to her is her social status and keeping up her plastic image.
  • Her world begins to crumble

    Her world begins to crumble
    She finally reaches a turning point when the burn book is spread around the school. Through an all girls school assembly, the equivalent of rehab, Cady's eyes are open to all the resentment and conflict that fills her life and the guilt sets in as everyone around becomes aware of what she's been up to.
  • Cady Recovers

    Cady Recovers
    After a lot of thought, separating herself from those that influence her badly, and restoration of her morals, Cady returns to her old self.