McCarthy Internship Timeline

  • Initial Meeting

    Meeting held with Vice President for Enrollment Management and Communications and divisional departments.
    • Discuss the scope of the project.
    • Discuss whether or not external evaluations are necessary. If so, submit external evaluator names to Patti McCarthy for each department.
    • Discuss budget for external evaluators.
    • Discuss self-study teams.
    • Self study parameters provided.
  • Identify self study teams

    Each department should identify the self-study team (departmental and non-departmental) and external evaluators (if an external evaluator is going to be used in the self-study). This needs reported to P. McCarthy.
  • Update meeting

    Progress meeting with all divisional departments' evaluation teams.
  • Submit outline of department's full plan

    Outline of each department's evaluation plan to be submitted to P. McCarthy.
  • Submit information about external reviewers

    External program reviewers are submitted to P. McCarthy for approval (in consultation with J. Begany, Vice President).
  • Organize external visits

    Organize travel and stipends for external reviewers for all departments.
  • Return self study drafts to departments

    Self-study drafts reviewed by P. McCarthy and returned with comments to department liaisons.
  • Final self study submitted to P. McCarthy

    Final departmental self-studies submitted to P. McCarthy.
  • Submit final departmental self studies to External Reviewers

  • Site visits for external reviewers

    External evaluators will visit the various departments during the month of April, 2013.
  • External site review due

    All external site visit evaluations due to P. McCarthy
  • Final divisional report due to Mr. Begany

    Final, full divisional evaluation document provided to Mr. Begany.
  • Submit full divisional report to PASSHE

    Full divisional program review evaluation to be submitted to the Chancellor's office at the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).
  • Self study draft to be submitted to P. McCarthy

    Each department should submit the self-study draft for the respective departments to Patti McCarthy in the format provided in January, 2012. These will be proofed by P. McCarthy and returned, if necessary, for edits, by December.