Maze Runner

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    Thomas Arrives To The Glade

    Another Greenie Came Up In The Box, Thing That Happens Every Month In The Glade
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    Theresa Arrives To The Glade

    She Arrives a Day After Thomas, Something That Never Happend Before, Also, Theresa Is The Only Girl In The Glade And She Also Can Talk With Thomas With Telepathy
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    Thomas And Minho Passed The Night In The Maze

    Staying a Night In The Maze Was Considerd a Suicide, But Thomas and Minho Had To Do It To Save Their Lifes And Alby, The Leader of The Glade
  • Period: to

    Thomas Turned Into A Runner

    After The Night in The Maze, Minho Take Thomas As A New Runner To Explore The Maze
  • Period: to

    The Glade Start To Decay

    After The Arrive Of Theresa, The Box Never Goes Back Again, The Maze Never Closes And The Greeivers Start To Kidnapp The Gladers, The Sun Also Disappeard
  • Period: to

    Theresa Awakes

    After Her Arrival, Theresa Was In A Coma. But She Woke Up And Reveal That She And Thomas Worked With The Creators And That The Maze Is A Code
  • Period: to

    The Code Of The Maze

    With All The Maps Of The Maze That The Runners Made With The Years And With Wax Paper They Discover That The Patterns Made Five Words
  • Period: to

    The "Rescue"

    Some Of The Gladiers Finally Escape From The Maze And They Are Rescued By A Organization Called WCKD. But, This Rescue Is Really The True End Of The Maze Nightmere?