maya angelou

  • birth date

    birth date
    she was born april 4 1928.
    picture source:
  • Period: to

    life time

  • parents split

    1931 maya parents got a divorce
    3-2 is not axual date sorry
  • age 8

    at age 8 she was raped by her moms boyfriend
    *note- not axual month and day didnt say but year is correct
  • drop out

    1942 she drops out of school
    again march 3rd is the real date it just didnt tell me the exact date
  • her son,Guy

    Maya returned to high school, but became pregnant his name was guy
    date is not given
  • marry

    she gets maried but it quickly failed
    3-2 not real date
    photo source-
  • civil rghts

    she became involved with sivil rights
    3-7 not real date sorry
  • her trip to egypt

    her trip to egypt
    in 1960 she moved and lived in cario, egypt
  • book

    Maya began working on her book 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings'
    3-1 not real date
    photo source-
  • published

    she has published i know why the caged bird sings
  • passing time

    passing time
    Your skin like dawn
    Mine like musk One paints the beginning
    of a certain end. The other, the end of a
    sure beginning.
  • shes alive

    shes alive
    she has not died yet