Matthew Henson

Timeline created by hammesz
  • Leaving

    The Roosevelt left New York. It was heading for Cape Sheridan.
  • Wishing Luck

    Wishing Luck
    At Oyster Bay,New York,President Theodore Roosevelt came on board wishing Peary luck.
  • Training

    The Roosevelt arrived at Cape Sheridan and Matt began training the new men in the art of dog driving,igloo building,and survival.
  • Pinoneering

    Bartlet and Borup left Cape Columbia to pinoneer the trail to leave.
  • Ready to Go

    Ready to Go
    Matt and his team were ready to go to the North Pole each man took one thing Matt took his Bible.
  • Leaving

    Matt and his team started there journey to the North Pole.the dogs were happy they left.
  • Catching

    Matt's sledge broke he hade to fix itwith his bare hands.Henson and Peary caught up with Bartlett.
  • Stuck

    On March, 5 ,Matt and his team could not cross the Big Lead because it wasn't frozen over.
  • Going Again

    Going Again
    On March, 11, Matt and his team could finaly cross the Big Lead.
  • By

    It was time for Ross Marvin's turn to go back three men araldy have.
  • saved

    Peary and henson caught up with Bartlett beside a wide lead while every one was alsleep.Then the ice split from under the dogs Barlett and the eskoms were floating away then they jumped to saftey.
  • Alone

    It was Peary and Henson all alone and they had to make it.
  • Get Moving

    Get Moving
    Peary started out on foot to get in frount. Then he got on a sledge.
  • Ootah

    Matt fell through the thin ice then Ootah saved him.
  • Almost There

    Almost There
    Matt calculated on estimate that they had marched 100 miles and they had olny 35 miles to go.
  • Making It

    Making It
    Matt felt tremendous proud that he and his team made it to the North Pole. They held up their flags and took a picture.
  • were back

    were back
    Matt and his team made it back to New York in one piece because it was a dangerous journey.