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  • Internet Explorer is launched

    Microsoft launches internet explorer, a web browser that brings you to multiple websites
  • Period: to

    Apple and Microsoft product timeline

  • Itunes is launched

    Itunes is launched
    This is significant because itunes offers a new way to listen and purchase music and instead of buying a cd which may have songs that users do not like itunes offers a way to be more selective about buying music
  • Ipod relase date

    Ipod relase date
    The ipod is significant because it replaced the need for bulky cd players and casette players. It also introduced to put more music on a mp3 then already previously existed
  • Iphoto launched

    Iphoto launched
    It is significant because it made sharing digital photos easier and was exclusive for mac users
  • Xbox live launch date

    Xbox live launch date
    This is significant because microsoft introduced a new way to shop, play games and chat with other people whether they are your friends or people from all over the world.
  • Ipod nano is released

    Ipod nano is released
    This ipod completed revolutionizes mp3's. It holds up to 1,000 songs and is thinner than a #2 pencil. It is significant because it fixes the problem that its predecessors had,not enough storage.
  • Zune is launched by Microsoft

    Zune is launched by Microsoft
    Zune offers new ways to listen to music and watch videos on a portable mp3 player like its rival the ipod
  • Kinect is released

    Kinect is released
    Microsoft release the kinect, a game system that recquires no controller. It is significant because it is used for more than games it is also used for fitness and, more commonly, its motion sensor and voice sensor technology is used for tv purposes
  • Ipad is released

    Ipad is released
    This is significant because it is one of the first tablets that also functionas as a laptop. It is lighter, less bulky and has more memory than a regular laptop
  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing
    This is significant because it brings together all resources of a data center which is storage, networking and computing