Matched by Ally Condie

  • The Matching Ceremony

    Cassia is at the Matching ceremony and she gets Matched with her best friend, Xander.
  • The Microcard

    A different face came up on Cassia's microcard after the ceremony.
  • The New Kid

    A new kid moves to town and his name is Ky.
  • Saturday Activity

    Cassia and Xander go to their Saturday Activity and they see Ky.
  • Ky comes to school

    Ky goes to Second School with Cassia and Xander.
  • Cassia loves Ky

    Cassia realized that when she first saw Ky, she started to fall in love with him.
  • Leisure Activity

    Cassia has chosen hiking as her leisure activity and she realized that Ky did too.
  • Cassia sees her grandfather

    Cassia goes to see her grandfather after she went on her leisure activity.
  • Final Banquet

    Cassia's family came to see her grandfather on his 80th birthday, which is also his Final Banquet. Her grandfather gave Cassia's dad his tissue sample.
  • Cassia's Dad Lost Tissue Sample

    After the Final Banquet, Cassia's dad lost the tissue sample from her grandfather.
  • Cassia tells Xander

    Cassia tells Xander that she is in love with someone else and Xander doesn't know how to react.
  • Ky loves Cassia

    On the last day of leisure activities, Ky realizes that he loves Cassia and that he wants to be with her, but he can't be Matched with her because he is an Aberration.
  • Ky leaves Cassia

    Ky has been taken away to the Outer Provinces to die. Cassia tries to run after him, but its too late.