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Master's Tale of Trials & Successes

By MsGibbs
  • Period: to

    MEd Duration

    This will cover the entire span of my MEd.
  • 1st Day of MEd EDCP 470

    1st Day of MEd EDCP 470
    EDCP 470 Media Practice and Instruction, week at Livingstone.First day of MEd program. A nice entry-we partook in the Smart Board Summer Institute offered to teachers at Livingstone Elementary.
  • EDCP 508

    EDCP 508
    2nd week of summer classes held at UBC. My introduction to WordPress, an open source CMS, and blogging tool.
  • ETEC 531 (61a) with Dr. Stephen Petrina

    ETEC 531 (61a) with Dr. Stephen Petrina
    Cultural and New Media Studies - the infamous Murphie & Potts text
  • Intro to Moodle

    Intro to Moodle
    Stephen assigned a project which had to be done on Moodle! I didn't know what an LMS or CMS was and spent the next few weeks scrambling to figure it out. I began working with a VSB colleague (Steve Lott) who used Moodle in his Distance Learning position with the Vancouver Learning Network.
  • Moodle mentoring

    Moodle mentoring
    Found mentoring support in colleague Steve Lott, who was a Distributed Education teacher with the VLN. Weekly meetings from now through May of 2011! Met Bruno Vernier, Dept. Head Web-based Courses Adult Education (VSB) who included me in a group of elementary & secondary Moodle users for monthly meetings held at various schools in Vancouver.
  • 1st Digital Media Presentation

    1st Digital Media Presentation
    Created a moviemaker video using various applications and media. Project was on Digital Aesthetics. A+
  • EPSE 501 with Dr. Shawna Faber

    EPSE 501 with Dr. Shawna Faber
    Seminar in Human Development, Learning and Culture with Dr. Shawna Faber. Discovered many things, particularly Bronfenbrenner
  • First intro of Moodle to Brock students (Gr.6/7)

    First intro of Moodle to Brock students (Gr.6/7)
  • EDCP 570(951)

    EDCP 570(951)
    Contemporary Issues in ICT & Social Media
    1st week at Livingstone.
  • Using Foreign Servers

    Using Foreign Servers
    Rob & I created a powerpoint presentation on the legalities of using foreign servers. We discovered a site that allows you to check the whereabouts of any server: http://www.81solutions.com/server-location.html
  • EDUC 500(951) Research Methodologies

    EDUC 500(951) Research Methodologies
    Introduction to Research Methodologies - beginning of research project which will be the culminating project of this MEd.
  • Thai invite to Moodle

    Thai invite to Moodle
    This idea didn't pan out.
  • Submitted project paper

    Submitted project paper
    Finished my project paper in Cape Breton!
  • Proposal to colleagues

    Proposal to colleagues
    Letter to work colleagues about my MEd project, informing them that , as prep teacher, my time with their students will be in the lab using technology to complement the L.A.and Social Studies curriculum and requesting collaboration.
  • EDCP 562 (031) with Dr. Stephen Petrina

    EDCP 562 (031) with Dr. Stephen Petrina
    Introduction to Curriculum Issues and Theories (Digital Learning & Curriculum@ 21st Century Learning - Dr. Stephen Petrina
  • Moodle enrollment 129+

    Moodle enrollment 129+
    Brock MoodleBegan the long process of making gmail accounts and enrolling the next 75 students!
  • Uploaded better ScreenFlow

    Uploaded better ScreenFlow
  • Buffalo screencast

    Buffalo screencast
    I made a screencast of a youtube video to insert into Moodle so that I would not have to deal with slow tracking AND to get practice using screencast before I made my video showing parents how to log in to Moodle.
  • Created my school website!

    Created my school website!
    Created my google website MsGibbs@Brock
  • Starting a timeline

    Starting a timeline
    Stephen & Don want us to include a timeline as part of our Graduating Project.
  • Questionnaire implemented

    Questionnaire implemented
    Moodle linkStudent & Parent Online Learning Questionnaires are up and running on my Moodle site
  • Screencast video for parents

    Screencast video for parents
  • Intro Div4 to timelines

    Intro Div4 to timelines
    Today was the first day my Gr.7s tried a timeline.
  • Moodle Renfrew Pro-D

    Moodle Renfrew Pro-D
    I presented Moodle to teachers, AO and VP at Renfrew Elementary School in Vancouver.
  • Igloolik invitation

    Igloolik invitation
    Emailed Jeela Alarut, principal of Atagutaluk School in Igloolik, Nunavut. Invited participation in Moodle.
  • EDCP 473 & EDCP 508B (62A)

    EDCP 473 & EDCP 508B (62A)
    These two final courses will run concurrently.
    473 is Digital Media in ICT Education: Ethical Uses.
    508B is Review of Research in Curriculum & Pedagogy (Directed Study course)
  • Student Pro-D

    Student Pro-D
    Brock/Livingstone pro-d for students by students.
  • Updating MsGibbs4school website

    Updating MsGibbs4school website
    Committed to updating my website now that it is a link in my Moodle site!
  • 1st Tech newsletter at school

    1st Tech newsletter at school
    Added "Bulldog Bytes" to Brock school newsletter. This will be a monthly post by teachers to inform parents of recent learning using technology.
  • Revision #1 gmail permission letter

    Revision #1 gmail permission letter
  • Web site updating

    Web site updating
    MsGibbs@Brock websiteSpent time updating
  • Pro-D

    Looked at Edumodo as a possible solution to ethics dilemma of using a foreign (American) server such as google for my students email accounts. Also looked at Foliospaces.com which is a way to explore Mahara, an online portfolio application which can tie in with Moodle. Also open source but needs a host.
  • Submit 1st revision of project paper

    Submit 1st revision of project paper
  • Submit Ethical Learning Strategy

    Submit Ethical Learning Strategy
    This will be part of the final assignment which is all about the ethics of creating email accounts for students under the age of 13 in order to be able to use various Web 2.0 applications.
  • My group online ethics assignment

    My group online ethics assignment
    My group is looking at the ethical issues surrounding the distribution of e-waste.
  • 2nd revision of Master's project paper due

    2nd revision of Master's project paper due
    This is the 2nd to last revision before final completion by April 20th.
  • Ethical paper submitted

    Ethical paper submitted
    This paper discusses the ethical considerations around using foreign servers with children under the age of 13.
  • Update MsGibbs@Brock website

    Update MsGibbs@Brock website
  • Last class EDCP 508B (62A) & EDCP 473

    Last class EDCP 508B (62A) & EDCP 473
    The next 9 days are about finishing our project papers and updating our eportfolios. Don told me to relax. Right!
  • Final project paper is finished!

    Final project paper is finished!
    Weighing in at 67 pages, this project is all wrapped up!
  • Submit Personal e-portfolio etcetera

    Submit Personal e-portfolio etcetera
    My e-portfolioEDCP 508B(62A)
    *Complete personal eportfolio (all course sections)
    *Submit Revised Research Proposal
    *Document and Post Research Project (Photos and/or Video)
  • Final MEd course EDCP 590

    Final MEd course EDCP 590
  • MEd Presentations

    MEd Presentations
  • MEd Presentations

    MEd Presentations