Sv nov 2011

Master of Education - Graduating Project

  • First Day of Class

  • Period: to

    App collection!

    This is an ongoing process with revisions happening constantly. At present (Dec. 5) there are 65 apps on "The List"... Luckily, most of them fall on the 'recommended' side!
  • Apple Distinguished Educator 'Camp'

    Apple Distinguished Educator 'Camp'
    Reconnecting with other ADEs and finding out what their newest passions are... Great to see them after two years! Dinner at the hotel along with a co-operative activity building catapualts - our group's didn't go as far as it could have :(
  • ADE Camp - Day 2

    Sessional meetings / learning time. Lots of great sharing with Colin, Jason, Neil specifically. High energy and so much to learn and do in a weekend!
  • ADE Camp - Day 3

    Working in teams to create our 'Elevator Pitch' for the iTunes U project. We are focussing on integrating iPads as all of our districts are in the midst of deploying countless devices. Our working title is "ADEs are Mobile!" Sad to see my friends leaving town - can't wait till next year's camp!
  • iPad Webinar

    Attended my first iPad webinar - rather disappointing as they didn't have any info that I didn't already know. My Director also participated in this but she thought it was fabulous. I guess I have explored mine more than she...
  • Wiki creation!

    Wiki creation!
    Created the wikispace that may eventually host "The List" of apps that I will have evaluated. I'm not sure that a wiki is the best choice though... it may end up being a blog, but at least I have the wiki name registered!
  • Apps Blog

    I set up a page on my blog to act as the storehouse for the recommended apps. Didn't like how it looked / worked so I deleted it. I don't think that a scrolling list is the answer...
  • Suggestion from Colin

    Back To School Guide Colin sent me this link as a possible way to look at how tech could be introduced as a 'back to school' tool.
  • Summer Pro-D Sessions

    Delivered 3 days of pro-d for schools in our Numeracy Project. Shared with some of the participants that I was collecting apps for my project and encouraged them to share their best / worse experiences.
  • Innovative Learning Design mtg

    Our first session (and it turned out to be our last) on implementing the iPads - a sharing time with the other Helping Teachers as to which apps we had installed and what we thought of them. Surprising how few people have jumped on board
  • Mtg with Andrea & Colette

    Met with Andrea & Colette to talk about apps at Cougar Creek and how we could get more iPads into their school. They are going to be writing a grant and asked for input
  • Innovative Learning Design - Fraser Hts

    Initial meeting - how can I support their 'plan' - they don't really have a plan - they are talking about 21st Century Learning, but the staff really doesn't have a clear idea as to what that means... I provided them with some of the links to sites that my cohort colleagues have suggested.
  • DLG mtg

    Working with the Langley folks to create our DLG presentation - summarizing artilces and discussing what we can do to make the content applicable in our classrooms
  • Chris Kennedy - West Vancouver's Superintendent

    Chris' blog "Culture of Yes" a wonderful opening event in the Engaging the Digital Learner Series. My reflections of the evening are at Learning opportunities
  • Chris Kennedy presentation

    The first of the "Engaging the Digital Learner" series with Chris Kennedy (West Vancouver Superintendent). Dinner session at Eaglequest.
  • Lower Mainland Math Co-ordinator's mtg

    Our monthly meeting with Helping Teachers from other districts. I shared some of my favourite math apps with them and told them that once "The List" was created, I would forward it to them. They like my working title - "Apps and Crapps" :)
  • Hazelgrove Elementary

    Quick meeting with the lead teacher on the Digital Integration project - seems that they are stalled due to Phase 1 of the BCTF job action and will not be working with their admin on the project. Not sure how that's going to effect their funding and goals of the project. Going to check back with them soon!
  • Night 4

    How is 21st Century Learning already taking place in many of our classrooms?One of the perks of my job is that I get to visit a lot of different classrooms and see many different examples of teaching and learning. I would like to assure you all that the 21st Century Learning Initiative is alive and well in Surrey, but for the most part, that isn’t the case. Yes, there are pockets of classes where teachers have set in place opportunities for students to engage in critical thinking, collaborati
  • Digital Learning Series

    Using apps to create graphic writing - Comic Life, Toontastic, Comics Creator were the main features. Made contributions to Kevin's presentation
  • Maximizing The Impact - article

    A Terrific article to share with my project schools! Could help them wrap their heads around what 21st Century learning IS and, maybe more importantly, what it IS NOT
  • David Warlick

    The second in our Engaging the Digital Learner series - my thoughts are at Cracking The Code of 21st Century Learning A very interesting speaker! David's blog
  • Great minds...talking about engagement

    From a discussion with Selina & Marc - their emailled thoughts...The additional piece that I would add to that is engaging means that "it" (activity, learning or whatever the "thing" is) has to keep the person's interest sustained.There has to be some kind of constant challenge that keeps the person engaged.  If you think about a "sport" or activity or l
  • iOS 5 update :(

    Finally made the jump to iOS5... should have read all the Read Me files as when I restarted, I had lost many of my Notes files and my Tiny Tower had been reduced to rubble... :( a sad day for sure
  • Screen Time for Children

    Screen Time for Children article from the New York Times. This makes me realize how important it is to create a list of recommended apps - iPad could become the next <i>electronic babysitter</i>. (We have friends who often pass their iPhone off to the 4 yr old when they want to have a conversation without interruption...
  • ePubs!

    Sharing my summer learning on using ePubs - the content that Chris Y and I created had to do with using QR codes in education so not only were people exposed to ePub, but also to quick response. :)
  • Gizmos are happening!

    Sullivan Heights Secondary blog entry about using Gizmos in their classes! Encouraging me to start my own Gizmo blog! (I need more hours in a day!)
  • iPad sharing series

    Each Friday the Helping Teachers are getting together to talk about their learning on the iPad. Today's session was about some of the many features of iOS5. Playing with AirTime is fun - who needs a dongle!
  • Joe Morelock

    Joe Morelock - Canby School District, OregonThe third dinner series meeting... I was also asked to attend a lunch meeting with Joe where we talked with Helping Teachers AND IMS about some of the issues and successes that Canby School District had lived through.
  • Visiting Sara's school

    Sara Lai had a presenter cancel, so she asked if I would be able to do a session for her staff on using Podcasting. I made the trek to Richmond (via New West... thanks Google Maps!) and had a great morning with the staff there.
  • App Talk

    Met with Blair Millar (Math Dept. Head @ Frank Hurt Secondary) to talk about which apps he has used with his students. He made a few suggestions for "The List" and I shared a few with him. Nice to see that we both had some of the same apps on our 'must have' list.
  • Exploring Timeline sites

    Stephen supplied us with a list of timeline sites and I've decided to try "TimeToast" - I put a note out to my Tweeps, but no one has given it any kudos or thumbs down as of yet!
  • Bootcamp!

    I was invited to attend iPad Bootcamp at the Apple Mothership with the staff from Fraser Heights Secondary. My thoughts are on my new learning page.
  • Google doc set up

    I have set up a Google Doc form to collect the information regarding recommended apps. It is linked through a page embedded within the iBook so teachers will be able to fill in the form and I'll collect the information, review the app and include it.
  • Community of Awesome

    Community of Awesome
    Love what Jessica is calling the team at Fraser Hts. :) They are struggling with how to spend their Learning Designs money since we can't release TOCs. Such a pain
  • David Vanderguten

    Engaging the Digital Learner series - ADE buddy David Vanderguten (Superintendent in Maple Ridge) Notes are available on iPad "Notes" app. Cool link -
  • Snow Leopard update

    In order to run iBooks Author2, I need to install Snow Leopard. :( Backed up everything first...
  • iBook Author2 downloaded

    I had heard about the new software coming that would allow anyone to be an author - this looks like it could be the way to share my project! :)
  • iBook Author 'test drive'

    iBook Author 'test drive'
    I did a sample iBook to see what it might be like to far, it's pretty cool
  • Charles Leadbeater

    Invited to the Charles Leadbeater session in Burnaby at the Superintendents conference. Notes in iPad
  • Cancelled Science Fair - Job Action

    Due to the 3 days that we were out in Job Action, the Science Fair had to be cancelled. First time in 48 years :(
  • Apple Learning Tour session

    Apple Learning Tour session
    Attended the launch of iBooks Author and the iTunes U demo at the Richmond Marriott. Vivian, Charlie and John were there to present. It was interesting to see the features of iBook Author that I hadn't discovered yet. I don't know if I will have the need to insert a 3D graphic (or why I would want to), but at least now I know it can be done!
  • Limited release of Apps & Crapps

    I sent a draft form of the book off to Fiona, Michelle and Blair to get their opinions / suggestions for the final version.
  • Final revisions to Apps & Crapps (vol. 1)

    So happy to have it finally done! I have a lot of people who are interested in seeing it. I hope they have some feedback that I can use for the next edition
  • ADE webinar

    Attended webinar with Maxx about iBooks Author and the iTunes U opportunities for ADEs. Looks very interesting, but I want to get my Apps and Crapps book out locally first!
  • Finished the first of the last revisions of my paper

    Finished the first of the last revisions of my paper
    It's been a struggle to get all the pieces pulled together in the last few weeks - with the inspection of the house, the strike vote, etc. Thankfully it is all done now and I can turn it in (just a few days behind schedule!)
  • Full release of Apps & Crapps

    I've uploaded the final copy of my iBook to my Dropbox folder and sent out the email with the link... Unfortunately I don't know how many people will actually download it. :( I guess I find out once the entries in the Google sheet begin to come in.