• Fort Mims

    The red sticks were planing an unispected attack on fort mims.500 hundred people were just sitting down for lunch when the red sticks attached.
  • Burnt Corn Creek

    In Alabama the Creek War started in Burnt Corn Creek.Now located in Escambia County in southwest Alabama.
  • Canoe Fight

    Three men saw a kellboat with nine painted indians crossing the Alabama river.It was one of the favorite stories of Alabama history.They jumped in a small canoe charged by a black man named Caesar palled out to meet the indians.The three white men fought hand with the indians.Those men were heros from that day.
  • Holy Ground

    The white settlers were planing a unispected attach on Holy Ground.The day of December,26 1813.The indians would have destroyed Floyd except rivaly between Red Eagle and Walsh weakend unable to fight the white people with any succes.
  • Horseshoe Bend

    The Red Sticks never received all the weapons and armor they needed from Spain andGreat Britain.By the winter of 1814, the remaining Indians were gathered at a small bend on the Tallapoosa River.Called Horseshoe Bend.Under the leadership of Menewa,approximately 1,000 warriors worked to build log and brush fortifications at a narrow spot on the river called Tohopeka, or Horseshoe Bend.