Maryland Timeline

Timeline created by MarylandColony
  • Jan 1, 1524

    Giovanni da Verrazano

    Giovanni da Verrazano eplores Chesapeake Bay.
  • Trading Post

    William Claiborne sets up a trading post on Kent Island
  • Maryland is given to George Calvert

    King Charles I gives Maryland to George Calvert.
  • Leonard Calvert leads English settlers

    Leonard Calvert leads English settlers to Maryland and founds the colony's first capital at St. Mary's City.
  • Maryland's new law

    Maryland passes a law tolerating all Christian religions.
  • Slavery

    Slavery becomes legal in Maryland.
  • A Royal Colony

    Maryland becomes a Royal Colony.
  • Maryland's capital changes

    Maryland's capitol moves to Annapolis.
  • Recontrol of land

    The Calverts regain control of Maryland
  • Baltimore Town founded

  • Period:
    Jan 24, 1500

    LIfespan Of The Colony of Maryland

    The lifespan of the Maryland Colony