Mary Edwards Walker

  • Birth

    Mary was born in Oswego, New York.
  • Women's Rights Convention

    The first women's rights convention was held in seneca falls, new york. Mary became an early supporter of women's rights.
  • Her Father

    Her father was a carpenter-farmer and an abolitionist who believed in free thinking and many of the reform movements in the mid 1800s
  • 2nd female doctor

    Mary became the second documented female doctor.
  • Doctor of Medicine Degree

    Mary graduated from Syracuse Medical College with a Doctor of Medicine Degree.
  • Married

    Married another physician, Albert Miller.
  • Sybil

    Mary began writing to Sybil, a publication of Dr. Lydia Sayer Hasbrouck.
  • Battle of Bull Run

    Was in the Patent Office Hospital in Washington D.C (My brothers birthday)
  • The New York Hygeio-Therapeutic College in New York City

    She took a break from volenteering in the civil war to earn a degree from the New York Hygeio-Therapeutic College in New York City, but soon returned to the war.
  • Army of the Cumberland: assistant surgeon

    Walker traveled to Tennesee where she was appointed assistant surgeon in the Army of Cumberland by General George H. Thomas.
  • Captured

    Captured and imprisoned by the confederate army.
  • Released

    She was released after being held in Richmond, Virginia for several months.
  • Ohio 52nd Infantry

    In the fall of 1864 she was an acting assistant surgeon with the Ohio 52nd Infantry. She later became a supervisor for a hospital for women prisoners, and later she supervised an orphanage hospital.
  • Discharged

    Mary was discharged from service.
  • Retired

    Retired from government service
  • The Medal of Honor

    Mary was the first woman to recieve The Medal of Honor
  • Divorced

    Mary and Albert divorced 13 years later
  • Unfortunate turn of events

    The government changed the criteris for the medal of honor and withdrew her medal, she still continued to wear it.
  • Death

    Mary died in Oswego, New York.
  • Medal Restored

    About 60 years after her death, her medal was restored my president Jimmy Carter