Mary Boykin Chesnut

  • Mary Chesnut was born.

    Mary Chesnut was born.
    Mary Boykin Chesnut was born in Camden, South Carolina.
  • Mery Chesnuts father died

    her father died
  • Mary began her formal education in Charleston, where she boarded at MME.

    Started her formal education
  • Mary's family moved.

    They had lived at Mount Pleasant until 1835.
  • Mary Chesnut got married to James Chesnut

    Mary Chesnut got married to James Chesnut
    Mary had had a courtship with James Chesnut since she was thirteen.
  • She accopanied her husband to Washington when he was elected Senate.

    Her husband was elected Senate, so she went with him to Washington.
  • James Chesnut(her husband) was the US senate until Lincoln was president.

    HE resigned when Lincoln became president.
  • Mary began writing her diary

    She kept a diary while the Civil War was happening and it was later published in 1905 after her death.
  • Lincoln's Inaugeration

    Lincoln's Inaugeration
  • Attack on Fort Sumter

    Attack on Fort Sumter
  • Antietam- Bloodiest Day in the US

    Battle of Antietam, mostly in the south,
  • Gettysburg- "Lee is Defeated"

    Gettysburg- "Lee is Defeated"
  • Vicksburg Falls

    Vicksburg Falls
    Final major military action.
  • Battle of Chickamagua

    Battle of Chickamagua
    rebels win
  • Atlanta is Burned

    Atlanta is Burned
  • Appamatox Court House

    lee surrenders
  • she got a sockness in her lungs and heart and it interrupted her work.

    she later died because of the illness and she had a heart attack.
  • Mary started to look over and evaluate her diary, soon to be published.

    She kept up with a diary during the Civil War and it was published after she died.
  • Mary Chesnut died.

    She died of a heart attack in Camden, South Carolina.
  • Buried in Camden, SC

    She died in 1886 on November 22nd and is buried in Camden, South Carolina next to her husband.