• begin

    Marvel started as a simple comics company named timely comics started by Stan Lee, who in the future will be considered the creator of the most viewed movie company since its inception
  • the firts comic

    in 1939 marvel publishes his first comic known as red circle comics
  • iron man

    in 2008 marvel released the movie iron man, a movie that was very successful among fans
  • the first avenger

    in 2010 they released a movie that completely changes the world of marvel is captain america the first avenger
  • thor

    On the contrary, the thor movies the god of thunder have not had much success bought with those of iron man but even so they continue to release more thor movies
  • more of iron man

    after seeing that iron man has liked the fans between 2011 and 2012 they release two more movies: iron man 2 ,iron man 3 and the avengers also very successful
  • capitain america and the the winter soldier

    later they release a movie highly anticipated by fans captain america and the winter soldier continuation of captain america the first avenger
  • guardians of the galaxy

    in 2014 they released a new saga of movies the guardians of the galaxy a movie very different from the rest of marvel since it focuses a lot on things related to space
  • age of ultron

    avengers age of ultron is the second movie for the avengers they have success
  • capitain america civil war

    in 2016 they take out captain america civil war that is to say the third and last installment of captain america
  • doctor strange

    a year later marvel releases the movie doctor strange very little seen since it is new in the marvel universe
  • guardians of the galaxy vol 2

    and in the same year that they release doctor strange they also release the continuation of guardians of the galaxy that is, guardians of the galaxy volume 2
  • thor and spider man

    although it is not entirely from the universe marvel studios in 2017 marvel studios releases the spiderman homecoming movie not very expected since spiderman does not belong at all to marvel studios and ther movie named thor ragnarok,the third movie in the saga
  • black panther

    in 2018 they released a movie with another new character in the marvel universe, it is black panther, a character that was only seen in a part of captain america civil war
  • avengers infinity war

    in 2018 marvel releases the second most watched marvel movie it is about avengers infinity war whose end leaves fans with much intrigue
  • antamn and the wasp

    They also release another film Antaman and the Wasp very little seen since people had stayed with the infinity wa intrigue
  • avengers endgame

    and finally after a wait of almost a year marvel premieres avengers endgame a continuation of infinity war and it was the most watched marvel movie and also of the year