Martin Luter King Jr.

  • Martin Luter King Jr

    Martin Luter King Jr. was a civil rights activitist
  • Valentines Day

    Valentine's Day is when you let the one's you love. It is when you receive Valentines or candy or flowes.
  • St Patricks Day

    Irish people celebrater their heritage of being Irish.At this time people wear green,and look for four leaf clovers
  • Memorial Day

    This is a time when America remembers the soldiers who have served in this country
  • Fourth Of July

    Our country celebrates its Independence from the country England
  • Labor Day

  • Halloween

    This is the eve of All Saint's Day.It is often celebrated by people dressing up like scary creatures.
  • Veterans Day

    This day is to honor all military personal past and present.
  • Thanksgiving Day

    The date sometimes changes but it is always the fourth Thurday in November.
  • Christmas Day

    It is celebrated among many cultures. It is really about Jesus being born.
  • New Years Eve

    At midnight a new year begins.