Marshall Plan, Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis, Space Race, Perestroika and Glasnot, Suez Canal

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    Marshal Plan

    Plan was created to help countries after the war, but with that countries have to refuse communism at all.
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    Suez crisis

    that was the war between Arab vs Israel. After WWII was created a new country: Israel. It was taken from arabic lands, so Arabs hated jews. And they wanted to take control of Suez Canal. But they couldn't because Israel was helped by Britain.
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    Berlin Wall

    When Germany lost in WWII it was divided by 4 different countries. France, Britain and U.S.A connected 3 of them in one country while Soviet Union created 2nd country from the 4th part. Berlin, capital of Germany, was in east part. But it was divided in 2 parts: west and east. The wall was built. And in 1989 it was demolished by people, because Soviet Union had crisis
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    space race

    During this period USSR and USA were looking for who is going to explore space faster. And the main things were to create spaceships and fly to the space. USSR was the first who sent a person to space. the USA was the first who sent people to the moon
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    It happened during very high pressure between Soviet Union and USA. Soviet Union asked communistic Cuba for placing their nuclear bombs on their territory. When the USA knew about this, they asked Turkey about the same thing. War could begin anytime. and one time Americans radars broke that they showed rockets were shouted bu Soviet Union. But people in that rocket control centre decided not to send their rockets. And nuclear war haven't begun. Both sides soon took away rockets
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    USSR had a plan of doing new economic way against crisis