Mariner Virtual Academy Implementation Timeline

By sennje
  • Mariner Virtual Academy Implementation Timeline

    Plan to be executed to start MVA in Fall of 2012
  • Course Description and Official List of Online Courses

    Have a description of how your course will be similar/different than taking the course face-to-face. Also, commit to teaching the course online so that we can offer it to students.
  • Initial Letter to Students

    Senn will write letter and English teachers will pass it out
  • Letter handed out to 8th graders at Deer Creek

  • Initial interest meeting for all freshmen, sophomores and juniors AFTER SCHOOL

    Introduce students to the idea and share what classes will be offered, a basic outline of classes, expectations of teachers, students and parents, application requirements, summer orientation, etc.
  • Applications handed out

  • Mary meets with interested 8th graders AFTER SCHOOL

    Hand out applications and readiness survey
  • Students must meet with a counselor before 6/7/12

    Must meet with counselor to discuss current situation and schedule, along with credits. Counselor will make sure student is ready to try an online course.
  • Applications due

    Students must turn in applications to Mancl by 10 AM
  • Week of Teacher Training

    Four days of training, 3 hours a day to develop course.
  • Students are informed whether they are accepted to the online learning community

    Teacher informs student through email whether they will be a part of their online class or not.
  • Committee informs students of when summer orientation will be

    Students will need to do a morning or afternoon of orientation to go over expectations, do some practice, answer any questions, be familiarized with how grades will be given, how their parents and they themselves can access website/grades/feedback.
  • Curriculum map for online class due for review by committee

    Each online teacher turns in their curriculum plan so that it can be reviewed for rigor, relevancy, technology, etc.
  • Student orientation

    Morning or afternoon. All online students must attend.
  • Students must meet with teacher of their online course

    Students check in with online teacher to see if there are any specific requirements or needs for the class