Marcus Coleman Life Events

By mrc1331
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    Life Events

  • Birth

    I was born
  • First Easter

    First Easter
    My first easter
  • Learning to walk

    Learning to walk
    I learned to walk
  • Big Brother

    Big Brother
    I became a big brother
  • Kindergarden

    I start school!
  • First tooth lost

    First tooth lost
    Lost tooth in first grade
  • First Concert

    First Concert
    First concert!
  • Learning to shoot

    Learning to shoot
    Leraning to shoot guns
  • Christmas 2010

    Christmas 2010
    Christmas of 2010
  • Wrestling

    First season of wrestling
  • Learning to ride

    Learning to ride
    Learned to drive a razr.
  • First girlfriend

    First girlfriend
  • First day of highschool.

    First day of highschool.
    First day of highschool