Marching towards WW2

By karinam
  • The treaty of versailles

    The treaty of versailles is signed, ending World War I. 414 of the 440 clauses of the treaty punished Germany. Provisions included reparation payments, military restrictions, and a war guilty clause that forced Germany to take responsibility for World War I.
  • Beer Hall Putsch

    The beer hall putsch was a failed attempt by Hitler to seize power in Munich, Bavaria. The Nazi party and Hitler aim to seize power of the state government, march on Berlin and try to overthrow the state government. They wanted to start a new government. By establishing the environment, citizenship would be based on people’s race. Hitler was put on trial and convicted of high treason.
  • US Stock Market crashes, taking German economy with it

    The US stock market crashes meaning everything started failing such as banks. There was significant loss of paper wealth. This happened because stocks prices would increase tremendously and then would decrease. With the stock market crashing, it took the German economy with it. The government was providing loans to Germany and with the stock market crashing that couldn’t happen anymore. Germany’s economy fell apart and gave Hitler the opportunity to step in and take over by offering jobs.
  • Hitler loses election for German Presidency

    In March, it was the Germany presidential election. Hitler wanted to become president so he decided to run for presidency. Hitler ran against Paul Von Hindenburg. This was the last major setback before rising to power. Even though he lost, this made the Nazis realize how much they grown and have gained power.
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor; the Nazis are the largest political party in Germany

    With the Nazis realizing how much power they have and how they have grown they took the chance to do more. They gain an additional 123 sears in Reichstag. It made them the largest party in the Reichstag. Papen was forced to resign the position as chancellor so Hitler promoted himself into the position of being a chancellor.
  • Reichstag burns to ground (Parliament building)

    The Reichstag was basically a parliament building. An unexpected fire started in he building and it burnt down to the ground. Nobody had no idea who burned the building till this day. Hitler automatically blames the communists and asks for emergency powers to deal with problem. This gave Hitler the chance to take over and shut down everything.
  • Nazis institute a boycott of Jewish businesses; move communists to concentration camps

    As soon as the elections of the Reichstag happened the Nazis began taking over Germany. They started harassing the Jews and taking their anger out on them. Jewish businesses were damaged and harassed. Some Jews got harassed or killed. They started moving all the communists to concentration camps.
  • Nuremberg Nazi Party Rally → Filming of Triumph of the Will propaganda movie

    The Nuremberg Rally was a rally of the Nazi Party. They were big Nazi propaganda events to celebrate how Hitler gained power. The Triumph of the Will was a film about the German propaganda. It shows all those people who supported the Nazis. It shows speeches given by some leaders including Adolf Hitler. It’s about Germany regaining their power by Hitler being their leader.
  • Berlin, Germany hosts the 11th Summer Olympics → Demonstrates Nazi renaissance

    Germany hosted the summer Olympics to show the Nazi renaissance. The Olympics were supposed to show their accomplishments. It was supposed to show the strength of Germany and the superiority of the Aryan race. Jesse Owens won many awards.
  • Chinese city of Nanking surrenders to Japanese

    With the Chinese city of Nanking surrendering to Japan, it made the Japanese think they can do whatever the want and take over. Over the next 6 weeks, the Japanese troops did a lot of bad stuff. They killed between 250,000 to 300,000 people including civilians. They raped 20,000 women including the elderly women and children older than 10 years old. Also, the Japanese troops looted and burned much of the city. They use abuse the Chinese to keep them line.
  • Germany annexation of Austria

    Germany annexation of Austria, unification was celebrated in Austria. This added 5 million citizens to the German Empire. Within days 7,000 Austrians were went to concentration camps. Germany invaded Austria that way Germany can have management of the German Austrians. This made the Germany nation even bigger.
  • Hitler addresses “The Jewish problem” at Nazi party rally

    Hitler slowly slipped in the problem that he had to take of. Now that he had the people’s support and attention, he could say the problem. The problem was the Jews. Hitler didn’t consider Jews as humans. Their final solution was to wipe out the Jew population. That’s when millions of Jews died or got sent to concentration camps.
  • Japan invades Indo-China (Vietnam)

    Japan invaded Indo-China in other words considered as Vietnam. Japan wanted to block all supplies going into China. Also, they wanted to control important trade routes that way they can feel like if they had power. They wanted access natural resources.
  • Attack at Pearl Harbor

    Japan attacked the United States Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, drawing the United States into World War II. This was a surprised by the Japanese Navy. The attack was planned to scare the U.S. Pacific Fleet from interfering with the Empire of Japan. Al of the U.S. battleships was lined up, which made it easier for them to get a perfect target and destroy the ships all at once. This was the biggest attacked the U.S. ever had. 2,402 people died and 1,282 were wounded.