March 2012

By mariscm
  • Encore Team Meeting

    Ann Loughlin talking to Encore about students with Autism!
  • Cousnelors int the house.

    As always on Thursday...guest appearances from the counselors.
    Student of the week-no excuses, we have to find some during this time.
  • Encore

    Student conversations.
    What happened yesterday at team leader coordinator meeting. Marco will give update.
  • Last day before break

    Lets keep this on here. We will see if the counselors want to come by.
    LETS get ready to beat the kids at Basketball.
  • First Day back...

    so happy to see you all again. How was break? Student concerns?
  • Last day in March

    World language last day with B-Day rotation.
    Student of the week-Leah
    Look at MAP Schedule for next week.- does everyone know where they have to be?
  • Very important...

    just kidding... April Fools...we are not meeting until the third.
  • MAP week....

    lest see how this week goes.
    Student of the week - Mary Wiley