Marathon Planning

  • Planning Day

    Planning Day
    Plan what days are exercise days and what days are running days
  • Period: to

    Marathon Duration

  • Buy workout clothes and shoes

    Buy workout clothes and shoes
    Shop for a workout outfit and shoes that are comfy
  • Health Plan

    Health Plan
    *What is goal weight
    *Plan what to eat for each day
    *How many calories are needed to reach goal weight
  • Weight Training Planning

    Weight Training Planning
    Plan variety of different weight training days
    **Focus on different muscle groups
  • Abs workout

    Abs workout
    Do 3 set of 5 for each ab exercise
  • Continue Planning Routine

    Continue Planning Routine
    Weight Train on correct days
    Run on correct days
    Eat healthy
    Stay motivated
  • Keep Striving foreward

    Keep Striving foreward
    Keep Motivated

    Do the best I can!
    Run hard and have fun :)