Manuel Civil war Timeline

  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    Union-80 soldiers
    Confederates-500 soldiers
    This battle is considered the beginning of the war
    0 casualties
    The guns were facing the wrong way so the Union couldn't defend themselves
    There wasn't any fighting for a couple days, but then Beauregard fired.
    The Union wanted to preserve their ammunition since it was limited
  • First Battle of Bull Run

    First Battle of Bull Run
    2,896-Killed, Wounded, Missing & Captured
    1982-Killed, Wounded, Missing & Captured
    Con. had bad communications which led to them failing in begginign tactics.
    Thomas Jackson earned the middle name Stonewall when he held important high ground on Henry House Hill.
    Confederates won
    Shattered North’s dreams
    Con. soldiers kept arriving
  • Battle of Hampton Roads(Battle of the Ironclads)

    Battle of Hampton Roads(Battle of the Ironclads)
    369-Killed and Wounded
    24-Killed and wounded
    John Errickson created the Merrimack to defeat the Virginia.
    North built Merrimack to keep the port blockade up
    Virginia(south) vs. Merrimack(north)
    The iron plating created a revolution in naval warfare
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
    13,047-Killed, wounded, missing & captured
    10, 669- Killed, wounded, missing & captured
    Grant new the army was coming, but he thought they would pass, so he drilled his soldiers.
    Both sides lost and gained land
    General Buell came to help Grant with his troops which outnumbered the confederates.
    Buel attacked Beauregard and he counter attacked not knowing of the extra men. This helped lead to their loss.
    Grant pushed them back to the Mississippi
  • Second Battle of Bull Run

    Second Battle of Bull Run
    13,824-Killed, wounded, missing & captured
    8,353-Killed, wounded, missing & captured
    1st-mostly fighting(1 hr)
    2nd-Pope tried to attack Jackson’s but failed
    3rd-Jackson attacked and made pope retreat
    After this win Lee decided that it was time to take the fight to the North
    Lee sent Stonewall Jackson to flank around Pope's lines. This was a 55 mile march in one day, which is simply reamarkable.
    Stonewall took Pope's supply line which lead Pope to follow him.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    12,401-Killed, wounded, missing & captured
    10,316-Kiled, wounded, missing & captured
    Bloodiest single day of war/US history
    Lee lost many troops
    This loss stopped Lee from advancing north
    Lee commited his entire troops even though he was clealry outnumbered.
    There was clear winner, but the Union took the victory.
    This "victory" is what helped Lincoln deliver the Emancipation proclamation.
  • Siege of Vicksburg

    Siege of Vicksburg
    Vicksburg was on a cliff which was impossible to attack
    Grant starved the city
    As a result Con. soldiers were also starved
    The people in Vicksburg ate anything
    One person describe it as fire in the ocean
    After days of losing many men Grant decided that he would take the city under siege
    July 4 Pemberton surrendered and Grant
    This win granted Grant half of the Mississippi river cuting the Confederates in half
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    23,049-Killed, wounded, missing & captured
    28,063-Killed, wounded, missing & captured
    Union had a better position
    Lee wanted to weaken the North's hoped for winning the war by winning a battle on Northern soil.
    2nd-Lee wanted to get little round top(Union)
    The battle was just crazy and there were soldiers in all directions.
    Turning point in war
  • Pickett's Charge

    Pickett's Charge
    3rd day of Gettysburg
    About 15,000 men
    Round Top was a better position
    Pickett ordered his troops to charge, but this failed when they were met with severe gunfire.
    The confederates tried to flank behind the Union lines, but they were stopped when soldiers attacked them.
    Lost everything
    Union had control of hill
    Con retreaded
  • Wilderness campaign

    Wilderness campaign
    Early May-June
    18,400-Killed, wounded, missing & captured
    11,400-Killed, wounded, missing & captured
    Battles to capture Con. capitol(Richmond)
    Fought in woods
    There were many setbacks
    Grant lost 1/2 of his troops
    He kept going even though the casualties
    A few battles that took place during this campaign were: Trevilian Station,Spotsylvania Court House,North Anna, and Cold Harbor.