Manitoba resistance act

  • Ruperts land is purchased by Canada

    Ruperts land felt kike it belonged to red river metis. For over 100 years they have been living there with their families. The metis were upset because they weren't consulted about the sale of their land, and they were worned they would lose it or be assimilated.
  • armed metis stop serveyors

    Serveyors are people sent to check and devide land. On december 1 1869, Canada was ready to take controll of ruperts land. The people wanted time to plan how to get the English away and send a message to canada.
  • Thomas Scott is killed

    Thomas scott was an English prisoner of the metis who was accused attemopted murder and treason and eventually executed. This increased tension between the English and the metis and mad alot of the people in ontario mad.
  • Creation of the Manitoba act

    The act that made Manitoba a province. There would be an area of land dedicated to the metis. French and English would be used in both the court and the government. All the metis were promised a pardon if they were involved in the resistance, this didn't happen.
  • A group of Metis travel to the states to bring riel back to Canada

    The concerns of the metis and first nation were soppost to be resolved by Manatoba but they did not. The disagreements over who owned the land still goes on.
  • A group of metis people travel to the states to bring riel back to canada

    Riel fled initally because he didn't want to be executed for his crimes. The metis brought him back because they were dissatisfied and wanted their leader.
  • the metis defeat the police

    the police were unperpaired.