Man in space

  • spaceship launched

    the first manned mission of the space transportion system, columbia is launched.
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    man in space

  • european launches its third arian rocket

    the european space agency launches its third arine rocket
  • ESA launches fouth arine rocket

    the ESA launches its fourth arine rocked
  • sovit solyut 7 is launched

    sovit salyut 7 space station is launched
  • venera lands on venus

    venera 13 lands on venus and provieds the first venvsian soil analysis
  • soyuz-t5 and soyuz-t7 are launched

    sovit cosmonaut anatolly n. Berezouoi and valentin n. lebedev are launched in soyuz-t5 to rendezous with salyut 7 the first team to inhabit the space sation. they returnto earth in soyuz-t7 setting a duration record of 211 days.
  • flyby of saturn

    voyager 2 completes its flyby of saturn.
  • columbias 5th mission

    The space shuttle Columbia's fifth mission, its first operational one, begins, deploying two satellites. Crew: Vance Brand, Robert Overmyer, Joseph Allen, and William Lenoir.
  • The Infrared Astronomical Satellite

    The Infrared Astronomical Satellite finds new comets, asteroids, galaxies, and a dust ring around the star Vega that may be new planets.
  • callenger lifts of

    The space shuttle Challenger lifts off for its first mission (STS-6) and has the first American space walk in nine years. Crew: Paul Weitz, Karol Bobko, Donald Peterson, and Story Musgrave.
  • first woman in space.

    Sally K. Ride is the first U.S. woman to travel in space, on Challenger mission STS-7.
  • Soviet Venera 15 returns

    Soviet Venera 15 returns the first high-resolution images of the Venus polar area, and compiled a thermal map of most of the northern hemisphere
  • Colimbia carries ESA into orbit

    The space shuttle Columbia carries the ESA Spacelab-1 into orbit (STS-9). Its crew includes Ulf Merbold, A German and first ESA member in space
  • Bruce McCandless first untethered space walk

    Bruce McCandless takes the first untethered space walk using MMU from the space shuttle Challenger (STS-41B).
  • first woman to walk in space

    launch of Soyuz-T 12 carrying Svetlana Savitskaya, who becomes the first woman to walk in space.
  • the third space shuttle lifts off

    The third space shuttle, Discovery, lifts off on it's maiden voyage (STS-41D). Crew: Henry W. Hartsfield, Michael L. Coats, Richard Mullane, Steven Hawley, Judith A. Resnik, and Charles D. Walker.
  • callenger mission

    launch of space shuttle Challenger mission STS-41G carrying the first crew with two women aboard - Sally Ride and Katherine Sullivan. Sullivan becomes the first American woman to walk in space.
  • Salyut 7's cosmonauts

    Salyut 7's cosmonauts L. D. Kizim, V. A. Solovyov, and O. Y. Atkov set a (then) 237-day record in space. They arrive at Salyut 7 in Soyuz-T 10 and depart in Soyuz-T 11
  • vega 1 and 2 are launched

    Soviet/International Vega 1 & 2 are launched, dropping probes into Venus' atmosphere before continuing to Halley's Comet.
  • Sakigake probe is launched

    The Sakigake probe is launched by Japan's Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science, becoming the first interplanetary probe as it rendezvous with Halley's Comet.
  • Challenger carries ESA Spacelab-3 into orbit

    The Challenger carries the ESA Spacelab-3 into orbit (STS-51B).
  • European Space Agency launches the Giotto spacecraft

    The European Space Agency launches the Giotto spacecraft from an Ariane rocket. It encounters Halley's Comet in 1986, and Comet P/Grigg-Skjellerup in 1992.
  • Spacelab D1 joint German/ESA mission

    Spacelab D1, the first joint German/ESA mission, is flown. Its crew consists of two German DARA astronauts, and Danish Wubbo Ockels of the ESA.
  • The fourth space shuttle Atlantis takes off

    The fourth space shuttle Atlantis takes off on its first mission (STS-51J). Crew: Karol J. Bobko, Ronald J. Grabe, Robert A. Stewart, David C. Hilmers, and William A. Pailes.