Major Events of WWI

  • Causes of World War One

    Militarism-Development of armed forces & their use as tools of diplomacy.
    Imperilism-Extending economic & political control over weaker nations.
    Nationalism -Devotion to the interest & culture of one nation
    Alliance System - Formal agreement or union between nations
  • Allies vs Central Powers

    The Allies' side contained France, Britian, Russia, and the US.
    The Central contained Germany and Austria Hungary.
  • Women's Roles

    Women were a big role in the war because they practically took the place of the men at home. Going to work, supporting family, cleaned, and took care of children. And they were also nurses during the war.
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    VideoAssassination of Ferdinand
    Franz Ferdinand was assassinated at the age of 51 in the year 1914 on the way to visit his troops when he was assassined by a man named Gavrilo Princip. Ferdinand was the Arch Duke, he was the Heir- next in line.
  • Where war took place

    Date StartedLink
    -The fighting mainly takes place in south-west Belhuim, north-eastern and eastern France. But it first broke out on the France-German border.
  • Trench Warfare

    -The trenches did help a lot of them men survive, but there was also a lot of disadvantages of these trenches. Dead bodies every where, it smelled because men had no facilities, disease, infection, lice, rodents,
  • British Blockade

    the British Blockade is a system is stopping all ships carrying "supplies" to Germany.
  • Lusitania Sinking

    Who to blame? German U-boat, U-20, were the ones who had targeted and mistled them.
  • Great Migration

    The Great Migration was manily blacks headed North to try to avoid the Jim Crow Laws. They were also looking for jobs and a better life.
  • Zimmerman Note

    Zimmerman Note
    Wants Mexico to get back Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. Gernany wants to have war with the US.
  • Election of 1916

    Wilson vs Hughes. & Wilson won because "He kept us out of war."
  • Three news Weapons

    Observation ballons, gas masks, and flame throwers. Observation balloons impacted the US because we could see where they were located, what they all had, and how big they are. And gas masks were important because they saved MANY lives.
  • American Joining War

    US ended joining the war because of all the pressuring that Germany had put on us. From attacking Lusitania, to declaring war. 3 years after the Lusitania sinking, we joined.
  • CPI About

    Committee on Public Information or also known as CPI. Ran by George Creel. He was a muckraking journalist and editor of the Rocky Mountain News
  • Selective Service Act

    24 million signed up(3 million drafted, 2 million sent over seas)
  • Espionage & Sedition Acts

    VideoActsThe Espionage Act pretty much allowed the government to open peopele's mail to prevent anti-war propoganda from spreading. If it was found, the government could Fine them for 10,000 dollars or put them in jail for 20 years.
  • WIB about

    The War Industries Board or also known as WIB. It was created so so supplies of war that were required can easily be purchased. The leaders were Cheyenne T. Wade, Frank F. Fletcher, Robert S. Brookings, Al M. Boolock, Hugh Frayne, Bernard M. Baruch, and Palmer E. Pierce.
  • Fourteen Points

    Was a speech given by the US President, Woodrow Wilson. The speech was given to asure the nation that the war was over.
    Point 1 renounced secret treaties. Point 2 dealt with freedom of the seas. Point 3 called for the removal of worldwide trade barriers. Point 4 advocated arms reductions and Point 5 suggested the international arbitration of all colonial disputes. Points 6 to 13 were concerned with specific territorial problems, including claims made by Russia, France and Italy
  • Armistice About

    AboutIs pretty much an agreement between the Germans and the Allies to end the war.
  • Maps

    Some of the new countires were Russia - Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia Austria-Hungary. Romania doubled in size and Turkey re gained land.
  • Statistics!

    The U.S. spend $186 billion for direct costs. Another $151 billion was spent for indirect costs.
    50,000 Americans died, and Germans 1,700,000. Total with all the countries is 16.5 million.
  • Big Four

    United States ,France ,Great Britain and Italy. They made the Treaty of Versailles. Which made Germany responisble for the war.
  • Schneck vs US

    Charles Schneck was against the war saying that "war is wrong." So he sent out millions of phamplets to men saying that "War is Wrong." The government said he was breaking the Espionage Act. He challenged that what he was doing wasn't illegal thanks to the First Amdenment. In the end, he was ruled gulity.
  • League of Nations

    league It was the first international organization whose principal mission was to keep world peace. The author was Woodrow Wilson. And all of the points were the one from his speech. (On other timeline) But in the end, it didn't work. Look at the wars that are going on now.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    videoTreaty of Versailles were writtin by the "Big Four." It was to mainly state peace through-out the countries and blaming Germany for the whole war. Some poistive things about that Treaty is that is was a good idea. But in the end, the cons were that there was no way everyone was going to stick to their word.