Major Events of World War 2

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    Major events of World War 2

  • Germany Invades Poland World War 2 begins

  • The US Remains neutral but president roosevlt declares limited national

  • Germany invades Denmark, and Norway

  • Germany invades France, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg. Wiston Churchill becomes Britan's prime minister

  • German troops march into paris

  • Germany invades Russia. Hitler orders "maximum cruelty" against civilians which results in frantic Russian resistance

  • Germany invades the British Channel islands.

  • The japanese Navy attacks Pearl Harbor and the phillipines, and the US joins the war

  • German U-boats begin to sink ships along the US east cost.

  • The battle of Midway. Four Japanese carriers are sunk, and one American carrier. Japan's naval superiority is lost.

  • Eisenhower becomes supreme commander of western allies forces

  • Adolf Hitler comits suicide in his bunker in Berlin. He appoints Admiral Doenitz as his successor.

  • Germany surrenders. The war in Europe ends

  • Hiroshima is destroyed by an atomic bomb

  • japan surrenders. World War 2 finally ends