Major Events in Development of CSI Sciences

  • Jul 19, 700

    First Use of Fingerprints

    First Use of Fingerprints
    The Chineese use fingerprints to mark sculptures and important documents.
  • Time of Death

    Time of Death
    Scientists began using body temperature to determine a person's time of death. This practics began in the late 1800s.
  • DNA Discovery

    DNA Discovery
    James Watson discovers DNA in the late 1800s after years of observation.
  • Ballistics Test

    Ballistics Test
    Scotland police began comparing bullets to determine if a suspect's gun was the murder weapon or not. This became the first for of Ballistics testing.
  • Fingerprinting System Developed

    Fingerprinting System Developed
    Sir Francis Galton published works about the importance of fingerprints, created a small system of fingerprint classification, identified fingerprint patterns, and determined the odds of people having the same fingerprints are slim. Proving this theory made fingerprints important to forensic science.
  • Different Blood Groups

    Different Blood Groups
    An Austrian doctor, Karl Landsteiner discovers different blood groups, making bloos transfusions safe.
  • FBI

    The FBI began using the technique of psychological profiling.
  • Different DNA Srands Discovered

    Different DNA Srands Discovered
    After many years of close observation, German biochemist Fredrich Miescher discovers that there are different strands of DNA.
  • DNA Testing

    DNA Testing
    Alec Jeffreys invents the very first DNA test.