Major Civil War Battles

  • Fort Sumter

    According to the site used there were no casualties during the battle of Fort Sumter. It wasn't much of a battle, instead it had been more of a siege as the Confederacy attempted to bombard the inhabitants of the Fort.
  • First Bull Run

    There were a total of 4,700 casualties when including both sides of the opposition. The Union advanced on the Confederacy in order to end the battle quicker, though it was unfortunate when the Confederacy managed to hold off the Union leading to their retreat.
  • Shiloh

    In this surprise attack from the Confederacy the Union suffered a total of 13,000 casualties while the Confederacy suffered 10,000, combined this was more casualties than any other American war.
  • Second Battle of Bull Run

    75,000 Unionists were defeated by a force of only 55,000 Confederates. This causes the Union forces to retreat back to Washington. The casualties were 1,724 for the Union while the Confederacy had 1,481.
  • Fredericksburg

    The defeat at Fredericksburg was a rather costly one for the Union, they lost over 12,000 men while the Confederacy lost over 5,000. It could be considered a rather humiliating defeat.
  • Chancellorsville

    Even though the Union largely outmanned the Confederate soldiers they lost the battle having lost 17,000 men while the Confederates lost 13,000.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    The battle of Gettysburg was when the tides of war turned for the Union, beforehand they were getting creamed by the Confederacy. Though in the end war was still war, a total of 51,000 casualties littered the battle field.
  • Chickamauga

    During the seemingly small battle of Chickamauga (Compared to the rest of the Civil War) left only a total of 1656 in the Union and 2389 on the Confederate side. Although oddly enough the battle was considered a victory to the side of the Confederacy due to having besieged the Union.
  • Chattanooga

    Chattanooga was a vital victory for the Union, once they managed to capture Chattanooga they were able to advance South where they would later go on to capture Atlanta. The casualties on the Union side was 5,816 whilt the Confederacy had 6,670.
  • Battle of Cold Harbor

    The battle at Cold Harbor was a horrible loss for the Union, they lost almost four times as many men as the Confederates. The Union casualties were at roughly 7,000 while the Confederates only suffered a mere 1,500.
  • Appomattox Court House

    Though the official reports of the casualties remains unknown the Union managed to get the Confederate Generals to surrender, this was by most accounts the final official "Battle" of the Cival War.
  • Lincoln's Assassination

    Abraham Lincoln, the President in charge of running the Union during the Civil War was brought to his death when watching a play by Shakespeare. During the third act he was shot in the back of the head with a Derringer pistol by John Wilkes Booth, many historians continue to question the motives behind the assassination, but on that night there were two casualties. Both of the re-united United States.