Major 20th Century Compositions

  • Mahler's 5th

  • Salome

    by Richard Strauss
  • Rite of Spring

    Rite of Spring
    Ground breaking oprea written by Stravinsky. Set a new tone for the entire 20th century that music was changing and there was no reason to be tied down to the 'old music', instead it was each composers duty to find thier own sound in an effort to create a new canon (replacing the Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven canon of works). Most well known for its loose, spirtitual dance redefining what it means to be a ballet.
  • Three Penny Oprea

    Collaboration between Brecht and composer Kurt Weill
  • I've Got Rhythm

    by George Gershwin.
  • Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District

    Performance of Act 1, Scene 1By Dimitiri Shostakovich. This was one of the first compositions to be censored by the Russian government for portraying views not alligned with the government.
  • Appalachian Spring

    By Charles Ives
  • Peter Grimes

    by Benjamin Britten
  • 4' 33"

    4' 33"
    Silent' Work by John Cage. Standard piece in pushing the limits of what "is and is not" music. The performer is asked to remain silent during the performance of all three movements (the individual lengths of which defer from perfromance to performance). The sound generated in performance is that of the ambient soundscape and audience whispers. BBC Introduction and Performance'
  • West Side Story

    Music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
  • Music for Prague

    Programmatic work written by Karel Husa to memorialize the events of the 1968 reform movement in Czechoslovakia. A wind band piece in four movements, it is most memorabke for it's piccollo solo and repeating motif of bird calls indicating a cry for freedom.
  • Einstein on the Beach

    Collaboration between Philip Glass and Robert Wilson
  • Nixon in China

    By John Adams
  • Asyla

    By Thomas Ades