Maine History

  • Period: 9000 BCE to 8000 BCE

    Paleo Indians

  • Period: 7000 BCE to 6000 BCE

    Nomadic peoples

  • Period: 6000 BCE to 5500 BCE

    Dramatic violence found at Vail Site

    Aziscoohos Lake/Magalloway River/NW Maine
  • Period: 3000 BCE to 1000 BCE

    Red Paint People

    Waves new Paleo-Indians arrive from SE
  • Period: 1000 BCE to 800 BCE

    Ceramic Era

    Useful, Decorated fired clay pots appear/ an era of craftsmen
  • 1000

    Lief Erikson

    It is rumored that Lief Erikson landed in North America somewhere around the time of 1000 AD
  • Period: 1065 to 1080

    Mint range of the Maine Penny

  • 1400

    Est. 20,000 population

    Estimated Indigenous population in Maine
  • Oct 12, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Columbus lands in the new world
  • Period: 1497 to

    Europeans arrive

    Europeans arrive and encounter Indigenous Peoples / Contact, Challenges, Conflicts
  • Jun 24, 1497

    Giovanni Coboto

    John Cabot discovers the new world for England
  • 1499

    Giovanni Coboto Death

  • 1524

    Giavanni Verrazano

    Giavanni Verrazano sails for the new world
    He is the the first person to sail to the new world that we have paintings of
    He also has the most accurate account of his journey
  • 1525

    Esteban Gomez

    Esteban Gomez sails for the new world representing Spain
  • 1528

    Giavanni Verrazano death

    Sailed south to the Caribbean's and was killed and eaten by natives
  • 1565

    St. Augustine, FL

    Longest continual inhabitation of a European settlement in the Americas
  • Period: 1565 to

    Sir Ferdinando Gorges

  • First Christmas in the new world

  • George Weymouth

    Sails down coast of Maine
    Erects first cross in the new world in St. George Maine
    Might have seen the White mountains
    Invited 5 natives for dinner and then kidnapped them and took them to England
    Maybe showed them to the king
    Gave a native by the name of "Squanto" to Sir Ferdinando Gorges
  • Period: to

    Samuel de Champlain's Voyages

    Champlain makes 14 trips to and from the new world
    Named: Mount Desert, Lake Champlain, Acadia
    Founded Quebec city
    Father of new France
    Buried Under the great cathedral of Quebec
  • Period: to

    Trade Is Well Established

    mostly fur trade
  • Period: to

    Beaver Wars

    Fighting over fur skins especially beaver
    Fighting among the natives and also Europeans
  • Jamestown And Popham Colonies Founded

  • Sir Popham Dies

  • Popham Colony Abandoned

    Poor leadership leads to the colony moving back to England
  • Jamestown Fishes in Maine

    Jamestown sent a ship to Maine to get food to survive
  • Captain John Smith Sails Maine Coast

  • Shakespeare dies

  • Period: to

    The Great Dying

    some sort of plague kills 90%-95% of natives from Penobscot to Chesapeake bay
  • Pilgrims Land In Cape Cod

  • "Mayne" & New Hampshire

    August 1622 sir ferdinando and john mason get grants from the king of England
    john mason comes from Hampshire England
    1622 Sir Ferdinando names his land holding "Mayne"
    splits land claim with John Mason and names it New Hampshire
  • Scamming The Natives

    Bought 725 pounds of beaver fur for roughly $14 worth of beads
  • Cushnoc Trading Post

    exported 20 hogs heads of beaver pelts
    1 hogs head can hold 5600 beaver skins if packed tightly
  • Murder Trial

  • John Hoskins Murder

    John Hoskins sails up river anchors off of trading post
    he says I'm here to trade and pilgrims say get lost
    gets his anchor cut and so gets mad and fires on the town and kills someone
    pilgrims kill him
  • Samuel de Champlain Dies

  • 1st Legal Court In Maine

    Sir Ferdinando appointed the first legally constituted court of Maine
  • First City In Maine

    Gorgeana established on the York river
  • Sir Ferdinando Dies

    He never saw the new world
  • Period: to

    Jean Vincent De Castine

  • "Loving Letter" Wells/Cape Elizabeth

    The Puritans sent a lovely letter saying "we will make you free men of Massachusetts and protect you if you submit to us"
  • "Loving Letter" Falmouth/Scarborough

    The Puritans sent a lovely letter saying "we will make you free men of Massachusetts and protect you if you submit to us"
  • Quakers Hung In Massachusetts

    puritans hang Quakers in Boston commons for advocating equality
  • King Charles II

    Charles II is elected to the throne because Puritans were doing a bad job
  • Period: to

    King Philips War

    leads a rebellion that kills almost all the whites in new england like the great dying
    attacks Falmouth drives the settlers out to the isles 1676 pushed out to cushings isle
  • Puritans Buy Maine

    puritans buy the old charter from the grandson of Sir Ferdinando for 1200 pounds technically owning Maine
  • Battle Of Deering Oaks

    battle fought in deering oaks the french and english have a battle in october
    bracket farm
    major benjamen church guerilla expert writes it out
    english loses first black slave
    battle barely won battle by English
    some trees were witness to the battle
  • Castine Sieges Fort Lloyola

    Castine says "as Christians we offer you safe passage"
    and once the gates were open he sent the natives in to kill the inhabitants
  • York Massacre

    Castine burns Falmouth and almost drives the English out of Maine
    those not killed were taken captive for ransom (Roughly 100 woman and children
  • Salem Which Trials

  • Period: to

    Sir William Pepperrell

    Wealthiest person in the new world
    First American baron
  • Wabanaki

    Maine Indigenous Peoples collectively called the Wabanaki
  • Period: to

    Jerimiah O'Brien

  • Fort Louisbourg

    French fort built in Canada
    Known as the Gibraltar of the new world
  • Siege of Fort Louisbourg

    Sir William Pepperrell gets knighted for his attack on Fort Louisbourg
  • Fort Louisbourg Victory Reaches Boston

  • Period: to

    John Allen

  • Period: to

    Peleg Wadsworth

  • Fort Halifax Built

    oldest blockhouse in the USA
  • Fort Western

    Oldest still standing fort in the USA
    In Augusta
  • George Tate House

    Built in Stroudwater
  • Period: to

    Hannah Weston

  • Period: to

    Commadore Edward Preble

  • British and France fight over Canada

    Battle fought on the plains of Abraham outside of Quebec
  • Boston Massacre

  • Boston Tea Party

  • Battle at Machias

    men gathered in burnhams tavern to discus
    raised liberty pole to say fuck you
    plan to capture the british in church
    O'Briens family chase british vessle taunting them
    british "Margaretta" open fire on "Machias Liberty"
    attacks war vessle with pitchforks
    Victory for the patriots
  • Period: to

    Col. Arnolds Marches To Quebec

    Instead of taking 2 weeks it took 4 months
    Hurricane hits army while they're on the river
  • Burning of Falmouth

    Captain Moet
    surrender all your arms and i shall spare your town
    9 am on the 18th of october raise red flag and then commence bombardment
    for 8 hours bombards town
    aim at steeple of first parish church Alice Greeley
    tossing red hot cannonballs into ditches with frying pan
    fights off troops with broom
    Saved her tavern burns 414 of 500 buildings
    british takes all vessles in harbor
    gorham loots town
  • John Allen Meets George Washington

    appointed superintendent of the easter indians
    sends letter to indians adressing them as brothers we must fight together as brothers
    letter exists today
  • British Attack Machias

    col allen called meeting of native allies in machias
    allen and natives have the british trapped
    chief hits lucky shot says it was the great spirit and they shall only worship Jesus and George Washington
  • Weston Sisters Make Supplies For Machias

    Hannah and Rebecca Weston collected gunpowder from neighbors and assisted in making lead bullets and then carried them to Machias
  • Bagaduce

    Worst navel disaster in us history other than pearl harbor
  • Captain Moet Arrives at Bagaduce

  • Planned Siege of Bagaduce

  • British Attack Peleg Wadsworth

    arms himself with muskets pistols and knives
    tried as a traitor
    get ahold of a gimlet
    slowly drill holes in wood celing
    manages to escape british army
    489 congress is wadsworth longfellow house 1st brick house in portland
    only remaining colonial house
  • Last Native Raid in New England

  • Slavery Abolished In Massachusetts

  • British Leave New York City

  • British Leave Maine

  • Constitution Written

  • First US Census

    District of Maine has 96,540
  • Portland Head Light

  • Bowdoin College Founded

  • Year Long Winter

    snowed ever month
  • Maine Independence

    Independence from Massachusetts
  • Fourth US Census

    Maine population 298,335
  • Joseph Plumb Martin

    serves in 9 different battles
    keeps notes on battles
    moves to Prospect Maine after war
    writes memoirs
  • Henry Longfellow Writes About Paul Revere

    Paul Revere neglects to arm all 350 cannons in the attack on Bagaduce and yet Henry Longfellow makes him into a hero
  • Viking Coin

    While excavating a midden they found a coin that dates back to the time of the rule of Olaf Kyree.
  • Viking settlement

    Permanent Viking settlement discovered
  • Private Yankee Doodle

    Joseph Plumb Martin has his memoirs rewritten
  • Fort Halifax Destroyed by Flood