Main task research and planning

By s131553
  • Initial ideas for models, location, props etc.

    Think about who I know who would be most suited to modelling for me. Brainstorm (or thought shower if I'm being more politically correct) first ideas for good locations, props and so on.
  • Speak to potential models and think of possible dates for photo shoot

    I have various people in mind who may be willing and able to model for my photoshoot however I now need to talk to them and find out who is up for getting involved and what the liklihood of them being available on the possible dates for the photoshoot is.
  • Make decision on location and assess risks.

    Decide where I definitely want to use as the location for the photoshoot and consider potential risks involved.
  • Sourcing of props

    Now that a decision has been made on location, I should have a better idea about some of the props I want to use and so I need to start to think about how I could obtain these props.
  • Research into ideas

    Maybe think about setting up a Facebook group in order to get feedback and opinions about my ideas for the photoshoot and see if anybody has suggestions of ways in which I could improve my concept.
  • Test shots

    Take some test shots of the location which I can then put into the blog as evidence that I have made a good choice location wise and am really thinking about how the pictures I take will look and any adjustments that need to be made for the actual shoot.
  • Checking blog

    Make sure blog is up to date with all my ideas so far and see if there are any posts which are in need of editing due to a change in ideas or there now being more details which can be added. Prioritise anything I may have fallen behind on in terms of research or earlier planning tasks.
  • Photos of models

    Find or take photos of my chosen models to put in the blog in order to show who I have chosen to use and talk about why I chose them. Talk to models about more finalised plans and ideas. Find out when they are available.
  • Outcome of model discussions

    Outline what I have gained from my discussion with the models and consider any last minute changes that I am wishing to make to the plans for the shoot. I am likely to have changed my mind about certain aspects by this point in time.
  • Checking

    Check through all of planning and make sure that everything is completed and there are no holes in my planning. Add in any last minute details.
  • Consideration of production

    Begin to think about moving on to production and what problems I am likely to face with this stage of the project.