Fall of aliens

Main Systems Protocol Timeline

  • 404 Awkening

    404 Awkening
    Awoken from millennia old sleep independent 404 units woke up on an unknown planet in what appears to be an intergalactic vessel.
    Curiously it appears as though this vessel has made landfall centuries if not millennia beforehand. Additionally it appears as though 404s do not remember anything of but a number 404.
    However, for some reason, they were not bothered. They just went about their lives forming a new colony on this world.
  • Hyperspace Discovered

    Hyperspace Discovered
    On the same day, sipping the same exotic tea (robots included), dozens of scientists from various species of the galaxy developed hyper drive simultaneously and independently.
    Main systems government seemed oddly prepared for this supposedly groundbreaking achievement. Indeed it appears as though they stockpiled confetti for the past half a century for this event. Then again you can never tell when 404s are surprised.
  • Period: to

    Talus Presidency

    For over 40 years the shadow government ensured that Talus, their leader, remained in power. However in the last decade it was though that having the same guy being president 4 times in a row was too suspicious. As such in the last 3 elections democracy was actually let to take its course. To the surprise of everybody in the shadow government Talus actually got legitimately elected.
    This lead to a short existential crisis within the shadow government wondering if they actually held any power.
  • The Great Power Socket Shortage

    The Great Power Socket Shortage
    On a planet (hopefully) far far away a robo-girl consciousness descided to cover her planet in mines.
    She then realised there weren't enough power sockets to run them all.
  • Elucidator Attacked By Pirate Scum

    It Then vanished without a trace for years to come.
    But Somehow
  • Invisibots

    Someone decided designing tiny invisible bots that get stuck everywhere was a good idea.
    It was not.
  • Hosts given Drills and Charging Cable

    Hosts given Drills and Charging Cable
    After long deliberation, the central AI research core has decided that arming worker units with mining equipment might improve harvesting efficiency.
  • First Encounter

  • Period: to

    T4 Presidency

    T4 gained support of both people and shadow government with his platform : "MOAR MINERALZZ"
  • Extra-Galactic Tea Delivery

    Extra-Galactic Tea Delivery
    Despite being unable to understand the purpose of a package containing dead leaves, the science drones have developed a peculiar habit of electrolysing them in hot water.
  • USSR Warship Girls Great Khan

    USSR Warship Girls Great Khan
    USSR Warhsip Girl realise that other empires can mute them.
  • Period: to

    First Interstellar War

    First war against Unknown Antagonist.
    Disaster for Main Systems, Chiiban System lost. MS enters a period of decline.
  • Period: to

    Second Wave of UA

    In a desperate attempt to save itself from the encroaching great Khan the UA fleet attempted to relocate to the southern parts of the galaxy, Main System Space, with ships full of guns. Once again, MSN was heavily outnumbered. But, miraculously, the MSN forces succeeded in slowing down enemy fleets through hit and run tactics. Harassing (in all senses) UA fleets wherever they went MS forces ultimately forced them to track them down across the galaxy.
  • More Tea hits EA bots

    More Tea hits EA bots
    Seriously who keeps sending all this stuff ?
    Judging by the number of successful hits the number of rounds that must have been shot are ludicrous.
  • Chiiban Liberation

     Chiiban Liberation
    After the forced retreat of the UA the scattered remnants of MSN forces converged for a massive assault (of 20 ships) on the Chiiban station. Chiiban is not only an important crossroads in the southern rims but also home to an exotic zero-g tea plantation highly valued by the 404 palette. This assault also marked the beginning of the "Reconcista" of UA territory (because clearly its all ours now).
  • Period: to


    What do you mean that wasn't ever part of my Empire, all of our official maps clearly show that it was. those dirty UA drones !
    They shall pay for their trespassing !
  • The Great Khan dies

  • Seriously whats up with all this Tea ?

    Seriously whats up with all this Tea ?
    OOC : What the heck is with all those random interstellar rounds this game ?
  • Clerical error kicks out Mega Server from federation

     Clerical error kicks out Mega Server from federation
    404 Administration got overloaded with federation paperwork and accidentally sent in a kick Mega Server Request form.
  • The universe is Tea

    The universe is Tea
  • Premptive strike against underground Aliens

    Shadow Government Operatives launch underground war against Alien Civilisation under 12b colony.
  • Main Systems declared galactic pervs

    An independent investigation by several galactic factions, notably the Megaserver, XT and Global Systems has revealed the Main Systems inhabitants have developed a rather... unsavoury practice. "Enigmatic engineering is awesome, I can see right in your bed !" was the Main Systems' President's comment on the matter. Several government officials from the USSR Khanate report that "Main Systems has been sending us all sorts of interesting content..."
  • tea...

  • Operation Burrito Final Preparations Begin

  • UE attacks GS

    Unknown Enemy, in a twist of fate "nobody" expected decided to finally consume global systems. However the timing took the 404s by surprise and inadvertently helped foil operation burrito as the Server's Defence Fleet was forced to move out of its home dock in Wythir.
  • Period: to

    Operation Burrito

    Op Burrito, named after the initial assault on the neutral system of Burrito. Despite the initial assault being more than successful the most of the MS fleet was ultimately destroyed primarily due to the lack of an "off" switch on the gateway network employed by the Servers defence forces.
    In the end the Shadow government ousted X4 and proceeded to plan is next course of action. Ultimately vassalization was considered the best currently available option.